How to Train Your Dragon

One adventure will change two worlds

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Animation, Family
As the son of a Viking leader on the cusp of manhood, shy Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III faces a rite of passage: he must kill a dragon to prove his warrior mettle. But after downing a feared dragon, he realizes that he no longer wants to destroy it, and instead befriends the beast – which he names Toothless – much to the chagrin of his warrior father
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2010-03-10
Run time: 100 minute / 1:40
Budget: $165,000,000
Revenue: $494,878,759
Directors: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders.
Writers: Will Davies, Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders.
Production Company : DreamWorks Animation
Production Country: United States of America


Jay Baruchel
as Hiccup (voice)
Gerard Butler
as Stoick (voice)
Craig Ferguson
as Gobber (voice)
America Ferrera
as Astrid (voice)
Jonah Hill
as Snotlout (voice)
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
as Fishlegs (voice)
T.J. Miller
as Tuffnut (voice)
Kristen Wiig
as Ruffnut (voice)
Robin Atkin Downes
as Ack (voice)
Philip McGrade
as Starkard (voice)
Kieron Elliott
as Hoark the Haggard (voice)
Ashley Jensen
as Phlegma the Fierce (Voice)
Bonnie Arnold Producer

Cressida Cowell Novel

Dean DeBlois Director
Chris Sanders Director

Will Davies Screenplay
Dean DeBlois Screenplay
Chris Sanders Screenplay

Kristine Belson Executive Producer
Tim Johnson Executive Producer

Randy Thom Sound Designer
Randy Thom Supervising Sound Editor
Randy Thom Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Jonathan Null Supervising Sound Editor
Gary Rizzo Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Visual Effects
James Baxter Animation
Pat Sito Animation Manager

Stephan Franck Storyboard

Mick De Falco Layout

Visual Effects
Simon Otto Animation

Suzanne Buirgy Associate Producer

Maryann Brandon Editor
Darren T. Holmes Editor

Kathy Altieri Production Design

Lorna Cook Thanks
Jeremy Garelick Thanks

John Powell Original Music Composer

J.C. Alvarez Layout

Visual Effects
Kevin Andrus Animation
Bill Diaz Animation

Michael A. Connolly Co-Producer
Doug Davison Co-Producer
Karen Foster (V) Co-Producer
Roy Lee Co-Producer

Kate Crossley Post Production Supervisor
Andrew Birch Post-Production Manager

Bruce Seifert Associate Producer

Gil Zimmerman Director of Photography

Leslee Feldman Casting

Pierre-Olivier Vincent Art Direction

Betty Tom Production Accountant

John K. Carr Additional Editing
Mark Deimel Additional Editing
Lynn Hobson Additional Editing

Colette D. Dahanne Additional Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Matt Robertson Administration

Visual Effects
Vana Dabney Animation Production Assistant
Mike Beaulieu Animation
Julien Bocabeille Animation
Wee Brian Animation
Laurent Caneiro Animation
Katrina Conwright Animation
Melanie Cordan Animation
David Couchariere Animation
Denis Couchon Animation
Lou Dellarosa Animation
Adam Dotson Animation
Cameron Fielding Animation
Tomoyuki Harashima Animation
Cameron Hood Animation
James Hull Animation
Leif Jeffers Animation
Michael Kiely Animation
Scott Lafleur Animation
Eric Lees Animation
Ken Morrissey Animation
Fredrik Nilsson Animation
Irene Parkins Animation
Gabriele Pennacchioli Animation
Rebecca Perez Animation
Ron Pucherelli Animation
George Schermer Animation
Sean Sexton Animation
Kevan Shorey Animation
Olivier Staphylas Animation
Mike Stern Animation
Dane Stogner Animation
Bill Tessier Animation
Alexis Wanneroy Animation
Greg Whittaker Animation
Mark Williams Animation
Scott Wright Animation
Nara Youn Animation
Kathy Zielinski Animation
Morgan R. Kelly Animation
Adam Strick Animation

Sheri Galloway Assistant Editor
Christine Lojko Haslett Assistant Editor
Robert W. Hedland Assistant Editor
Maurissa Horwitz Assistant Editor
Lauren Lear Assistant Editor
Joe Monteleone Assistant Editor

Leff Lefferts Sound Design Assistant

Jeremy Bowker Assistant Sound Editor

Mary Blee Associate Editor
Mark A. Hester Associate Editor

Ania Kamieniecki-O'Hare Casting Assistant

Susan Hayden CG Supervisor
Michael McNeill CG Supervisor
Gaku Nakatani CG Supervisor
Ronman Yiu Yan Ng CG Supervisor
Bert Poole CG Supervisor
Aaron Smith CG Supervisor

Visual Effects
Devin Crane Character Designer
Andy Bialk Character Designer
Ricardo F. Delgado Character Designer
Nicolas Marlet Character Designer
Takao Noguchi Character Designer
Tony Siruno Character Designer
Tom Molet Creature Technical Director
Alena Bejenarou Creature Technical Director
Bart Coughlin Creature Technical Director
Lawrence D. Cutler Creature Technical Director
Gilbert Davoud Creature Technical Director
Peter Farson Creature Technical Director
Sandy Kao Creature Technical Director
Li-Lian Ku Creature Technical Director
Cara Malek Creature Technical Director
Mariette Marinus Creature Technical Director
Cliff B. Mitchell Creature Technical Director
Sean W. Nolan Creature Technical Director
Hongseo Park Creature Technical Director
Sven Pohle Creature Technical Director
Dug Stanat Creature Technical Director
David Walden Creature Technical Director
Brent Watkins Creature Technical Director
Guido Zimmermann Creature Technical Director
Lucia Modesto Creature Technical Director
Matt Steele Creature Technical Director
Jeff Olm Color Designer

Jim Passon Color Timer

Jessica Drake Dialect Coach

Panos Asimenios ADR Supervisor

Daniel Hashimoto Editorial Coordinator

Terri Anderson Finance
Ariga Parseghian Finance
Vicki Hunter Finance

Stephen L. Meek First Assistant Editor

Sue Fox Foley Editor

Blake Snyder In Memory Of

Amy Rae Jones Master Lighting Artist
Sebastien Chort Master Lighting Artist
Gina Warr Master Lighting Artist
Mark A. Decker Lighting Artist
Kurt Kaminski Lighting Artist
Oth Khotsimeuang Lighting Artist
Jonathan Fletcher Moore Lighting Artist
Hannah Sherman Lighting Artist
Onny P. Carr Lighting Artist

Visual Effects
Onny P. Carr VFX Artist
Charles Ellison Modeling
Ardie Johnson Modeling
Soongu Kwon Modeling
Cristian Moras Modeling
Andre Rodriguez Sr. Modeling
Jung Jin Kang Modeling
Jeff Wagner Modeling

Adam Milo Smalley Music Editor
Peter Davies Musician
Mike Deasy Musician
George Doering Musician
Vivian Milanova Musician
Jonathan Williams Musician
Roger Linley Musician
Steve Mair Musician
Anna Noakes Musician
James Thatcher Musician
Andrew Crowley Musician
Mark Berrow Musician
Tom Pigott Smith Musician
Richard Baughman Musician
Paul Cathers Musician
Nick Coseboom Musician
Jennifer Febre Musician
Trevor Takahashi Musician

Scott Kilty Systems Administrators & Support
Todd Maugh Systems Administrators & Support
Julio C. Talavera Systems Administrators & Support
Shawn Bohonos Systems Administrators & Support
Dave Dinsmore Systems Administrators & Support
Dj Downey Systems Administrators & Support
Alireza Estakhrian Systems Administrators & Support

Daniel Baker Orchestrator
Angus O'Sullivan Orchestrator
Jessica Wells Orchestrator

Andrea McCarthy Paul Production Accountant

Adam DesCombes Editorial Production Assistant

Jessica Forer Production Office Assistant

Visual Effects
G. Mark Fitzgerald Animation Department Coordinator
Charlie Petrek Animation Department Coordinator

Elizabeth C. Camp Production Coordinator
Matthew C. Campbell Production Coordinator
Joseph Izzo Production Coordinator
T. Patrick Johnson Production Coordinator
Dave Kim Production Coordinator
Peter McCown Production Coordinator
Megan McDonald Production Coordinator
Shane Mulholland Production Coordinator
Rachel Slansky Production Coordinator
Karen L. Whitaker Production Coordinator
Jennifer Dahlman Production Manager
Lori Korngiebel Production Manager
Craig Rittenbaum Production Manager
Kate Spencer Production Manager
Jenne Guerra Production Supervisor
Brent Hutchins Production Supervisor
Catherine A. Jones Production Supervisor
Michael Lynn Production Supervisor
Kelly Matthews Production Supervisor
Robyn Mesher Production Supervisor
Steven Schweickart Production Supervisor
John Swanson Production Supervisor
Larry Weisberg Production Supervisor
Dawn Yamada Production Supervisor
April Lawrence Production Supervisor
Tracey Dispensa Production Supervisor

Ronald G. Roumas Sound Recordist

Nick Wollage Score Engineer

Nick Wollage Scoring Mixer

Greg Loskorn Score Engineer

Amanda Deering Jones Script Coordinator
Jabari Phillips Script Coordinator

Gregg Carrier Software Engineer
Patrick Kelly Software Engineer
Kyle Kirkland Software Engineer
Mackenzie Thompson Software Engineer

Al Nelson Sound Designer
Josh Gold Sound Effects Editor
Tighe Sheldon Sound Recordist

Esteban Fernández-Juricic Thanks
Ben Frahm Thanks
Peter Hastings Thanks
Debbie L. O'Keeffe Thanks
Penny Scott-Fox Thanks
David Soren Thanks
Stuart Sumida Thanks

Scott Sakamoto Script Coordinator

Cassidy Curtis Supervising Animator
Steven Hornby Supervising Animator
Jakob Hjort Jensen Supervising Animator
Kristof Serrand Supervising Animator
Fabio Lignini Supervising Animator
David Torres Supervising Animator
Gabe Hordos Supervising Animator
Gregory Brentin Supervising Technical Director
Rain Angeles Systems Administrators & Support
Bart Feliciano Systems Administrators & Support

Ariandy Chandra Title Designer

David Hail Publicist

Rachel Bolt Musician
Chris Clad Musician

Visual Effects
John-Eric Cardon de Lichtbuer Visual Development
Nathan Fowkes Visual Development
Travis Koller Visual Development
Iuri Lioi Visual Development
Emil Mitev Visual Development
Nicolas Weis Visual Development
Margaret Wuller Visual Development
Michael Yamada Visual Development
Melchior Zwyer Visual Development
Zhaoping Wei Visual Development
Evrim Akyilmaz Visual Effects
Zachary Carter Visual Effects
Ronald D. Henderson Visual Effects
Tien Truong Visual Effects
Yoshioka Masahito Visual Effects
Stephen Wood VFX Artist
Michael Cadwallader Jones VFX Artist
John Allwine VFX Artist
Benjamin Andersen VFX Artist
Greg Beckman VFX Artist
Steven Blakey VFX Artist
Robert Chen VFX Artist
Brian C. Davis VFX Artist
Tyson Erze VFX Artist
Landon Gray VFX Artist
Andy Hayes VFX Artist
Laurent Kermel VFX Artist
Robert Kopinsky VFX Artist
Olive Lin VFX Artist
August Meredith VFX Artist
John Patton VFX Artist
Thomas Pushpathadam VFX Artist
Celambarasan Ramasamy VFX Artist
Allen Ruilova VFX Artist
Stephanie Siebert VFX Artist
Lauren Simpson VFX Artist
Karen Smith VFX Artist
Stuart Tett VFX Artist
Katie Van Maanen VFX Artist
Zubin Wadia VFX Artist
Craig Ring VFX Supervisor

Chris Gridley ADR Editor
Dennie Thorpe Foley Artist
Jana Vance Foley Artist

Visual Effects
Shane Prigmore Character Designer

Wilbert Plijnaar Concept Artist

Susan Fitzer Associate Editor

Christi Soper Casting Associate

Tony Sereno Sound Mix Technician
Zach Martin Sound Mix Technician

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