The Green Hornet Strikes Again!

Second serial featuring The Green Hornet and Kato.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1940-12-24
Run time: 293 minute / 4:53
Directors: Ford Beebe, John Rawlins.



Warren Hull
as Britt Reid / Green Hornet
Wade Boteler
as Michael Axford
Anne Nagel
as Lenore Case
Keye Luke
as Kato
Eddie Acuff
as Lowery - a Reporter
Pierre Watkin
as Boss Crogan
James Seay
as Bordine - a Gangster
Arthur Loft
as Tauer - Chief Gangster
Joe Devlin
as Joe Dolan - Henchman
William Hall
as Don DeLuca - Henchman
Dorothy Lovett
as Frances Grayson / Stella Merja
Jay Michael
as Foranti - Construction Racketeer
Charles Miller
as George K. Otterson
Jean Brooks
as Gloria Manning
Irving Mitchell
as Breedon
William Forrest
as Frederick Harper
Eddie Dunn
as Foley - Racketeer
C. Montague Shaw
as Weaver - Gang Chemist
Roy Barcroft
as Cop at Newspaper Truck Vandalism
Robert Barron
as Haggis - Crooked Nightclub Owner
James Blaine
as Jason Eldridge
Al Bridge
as Ship's Captain
Ralph Brooks
as Cain's Assistant
Henrietta Burnside
as Mrs. Carter - Widow
William P. Carleton
as Gloria's Father
Allan Cavan
as Police Chief Harding
Lane Chandler
as Cop Car-Chasing Foranti
Stephen Chase
as Mr. Evans - Construction Engr.
Jack Cheatham
as Pete - Steelmill Watchman
Jack Rube Clifford
as McCoig - Homeowner Thug
Harry Cording
as Dannick - Crooked Construction Foreman
Hal Craig
as Police Patrolman
Eddie Dew
as Henchman-Delivery Man
Frank Ellis
as Bill, Steel Mill Guard
Jack Ellis
as Franks - Gangster
Eugene L. Eubank
as Theodore - Crooked Financier
Harry Fleischmann
as Gault
Joseph Forte
as Miss Grayson's Butler
Jerry Frank
as Silk Truck Driver
Alan Gregg
as Injured Truck Driver
Earl Gunn
as Manning #2 - Thug
Karl Hackett
as Hansen, the Stranger
Frank Hagney
as Warehouse Truck Loader
Alfred Hall
as Mr. Marsden
Chuck Hamilton
as Policeman at Breedon's House
Edward Hearn
as Patrol Cop
John Holland
as Grinson - Foreign Agent
Frank Hoose
as Crawford - Crooked Executive
Reed Howes
as Policeman at Breedon's House
Richard Kipling
as Dr. J.C. Bedloe
Bob Kortman
as Gang Farmhouse Owner
Ethan Laidlaw
as Jenkins, aka Jennings
Tom London
as Thug with Explosives
Pierce Lyden
as Tonjes - Gang Pilot
George Magrill
as Spike - Henchman with Bordine
Philo McCullough
as Milton - Chief Plant Guard
Paul McVey
as Kenneth North
John Merton
as Thug at Rear of Truck
Thomas Mizer
as Newspaper Truck Driver
Frank O'Connor
as Police Patrolman
Jimmy O'Gatty
as Jasper Vale - Arsonist
Pat O'Malley
as Editor Gunnigan
Nestor Paiva
as Rufus - Henchman in Hawaii
Eddie Parker
as Henchman with Dolan
Ed Payson
as Al - Thug at Locust St. Warehouse
Jack Perrin
as Gunner - Army Deserter
Jason Robards Sr.
as Foley's Bodyguard
William Ruhl
as J.E. Lynch - Gang Attorney
Dick Rush
as Policeman at Breedon's Home
Walter Sande
as Thug Boss at Gold Star Warehouse
Clarence Straight
as Snipe's Partner
Harry Strang
as Joe - Henchman
Barry Sullivan
as Thug in Car's Back Seat
Forrest Taylor
as Snipe - Foranti Thug
Ray Teal
as Chief Guard at Steel Mill
Richard Travis
as Nightclub Headwaiter
Phil Warren
as C. Smith - Thug
Allen Wood
as Photographer
Bert Young
as Silk Truck Passenger
Louise Currie
as Bordine's Girlfriend
Ford Beebe Director
John Rawlins Director

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