Soul of the Sword

Genre: Action
Ti Lung is the Nameless Swordsman bent on defeating the faceless King of Swords to claim the title, and the glory, for himself. Hordes of fighters lunge from the shadows to cut down the mysterious challenger. Even a cunning seductress takes a stab at him in a revealing bath house assassination. It is said that a man's weapon reflects his utmost dreams, desires and fears. A warrior with no name and one motive has a soul as merciless as cold steel.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1978-04-21
Run time: 85 minute / 1:25
Director: Hua Shan
Production Company : Shaw Brothers
Production Country: Hong Kong



Ti Lung
as Wu-ming 'The Anonymous'/Nameless
Lin Chen-Chi
as He Lian/Young swordsman's girlfriend
Ku Feng
as King of Swords Lu Tien Kang
Yue Wing
as Sire
Norman Chu
as Yen
Lily Li Li-Li
as Sword Lady of Loyang
Chan Shen
as Swordsman challenging Nameless
Lam Fai-Wong
as Monk Lung
Wong Ching-Ho
as Old stone carver
Dave Wong Kit
as Young Nameless
Corey Yuen
as Pai Kwa Hall's swordsman
Hsu Hsia
as Guan Zhong 8 swordsmen/challenger at inn
Gam Tin-Chue
as Innkeeper
Lau Wai-Ling
as Lady of 3 Moves
Chan Jun-Ho
as Young swordsman challenging Lu
Keung Hon
as Sire's swordsman
Ng Hong-Sang
as Sire's swordsman
Lee Hoi-Sang
as Sire's chief pole fighter
Lun Ga-Chun
as Listener to story telling
Brandy Yuen
as Guan Zhong hunchback
Yuen Wah
as Sire's swordsman with white beard
Huang Pei-Chih
as Sire's pole fighter
Hung Ling-Ling
as Prostitute
Fanny Leung
as Molested listener
Chiang Hsing-Lung Editor

Mona Fong Producer

Hua Shan Director

Frankie Chan Original Music Composer

Lam Chin-Wai Writer

Cheung Tak-Wai Director of Photography

Chan King-Sam Art Direction

Costume & Make-Up
Liu Chi-Yu Costume Design

Lin Chan-Wai Assistant Director All About Movies © 2020

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