The Criminals

Genre: Crime
An anthology film featuring three true-crime stories that took place in Hong Kong in the early 1970's. Part 1: Hidden Torsos' A woman and her daughter are murdered by her abusive boyfriend. Part 2: 'Valley of the Hanged'-A man murders his wife and her lover. Part 3: 'The Stuntmen' - A gang boss is murdered by his wife's lover
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1976-01-16
Directors: Hua Shan, Ho Meng-Hua, Cheng Kang.
Production Company : Shaw Brothers


Si Wai
as Wang Rong Sheng
Shih Szu
as Jenny
Wong Ching-Ho
as Doorman
Chan Mei-Hua
as New tenant
Wan Leng-Gwong
as Police sgt.
Terry Lau Wai-Yue
as Tang Mei Jiao
Kong Yeung
as Hong, the Bull
Tin Ching
as Prince De
Teresa Ha Ping
as Auntie Eight
Wong Yu
as Kid Liu
Lo Lieh
as Chen Zhong
Elliot Ngok
as Yue Hua
Tanny Tien-Ni
as Tanny
Chan Shen
as Brother Sen
Ku Feng
as Brother Lin
Yuen Wah
as Sing
Lau Wai-Ling
as Jenny's Sister
Corey Yuen
as Brother Lin's Gangster
Wynn Lau
as Brother Lin's Bodyguard
Mama Hung
as Chen Zhong's Maid
Chiang Hsing-Lung Editor

Hua Shan Director
Ho Meng-Hua Director
Cheng Kang Director All About Movies © 2020

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