Martial Arts

Genre: Action
Chen is forced by his father to leave their home as evil plotters plan his death. On his journey he kills a man in hand-to-hand combat and then decides to find and help the man's family. When Chen arrives, he meets the dead man's two pretty daughters, now under the control of an evil war lord and his cruel gang. One by one, Chen takes them down until the big tournament, when he is forced to fight several skilled killers in a variety of martial arts styles. After winning the tournament, Chen takes on the big war lord himself in a fight to the death!
Status: Released
Release date: 1974-01-01
Run time: 81 minute / 1:21
Director: Chui Daai Chuen
Production Country: China


Michael Chan
as Huang Hsiao-Ying
Cheng Lui
Hu Chin
as Tang Ping
Charlie Chan Yiu-Lam
as Hsiao Ying's 1st master
Yuen Siu-Tien
as Street performer
Cheng Kei-Ying
Pai Ying
as Boss Lv Biao
Lee Hyungwoo Writer
You Yeol Writer

Chui Daai Chuen Director

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