Call Me Dragon

Time's up for evil!

Golden Sand City is filled with brothels and casinos funded by drug lord Yim Kung Ho (evil Mr. Yem) and policed by the iron fist of his henchman Panther (Leopard Head). Vigilantes Inspector Big Dragon (Bruce Liang), Little Mouse, and Black Cat plan to bring Yum Kung Ho and his evil empire to its knees, but face fierce opposition in the deadly Panther, who has the stolen pearls sought after by Big Dragon and his new ally Mei Ling.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1974-09-19
Run time: 92 minute / 1:32
Director: Ng See-Yuen
Production Country: Hong Kong


Bruce Leung Siu-Lung
as Inspector Big Dragon
Yasuaki Kurata
as Panther / Leopard Head
Wong Wan-Si
as Miu Ying / Mei Ling
Chiang Nan
as Mr. Yem
Mang Hoi
as Sidekick #2
Dean Shek
as Bald waiter
Cham Siu-Hung
as Cruel acrobatics teacher
Peter Chen Lau
as Killed with own hatchet
Siu Loi Chow
Yuen Fang
Chien-kuan Huang
Ke Ming Lin
Sha-li Pai
Hon Kwok-Choi
as Sidekick #1
Ng See-Yuen Director

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