The Five Venoms

Pick Your Poison!

Genre: Action
A kung-fu student is instructed by his dying teacher to track down five of the teacher's ex-students. Each of the five is equipped with a lethal martial arts skill, and the teacher fears this might be used for evil purposes. However, not only does the teacher not know the identity of the students (who all wore masks under his training), but some of the students also don't know each other!
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1978-08-12
Run time: 98 minute / 1:38
Director: Chang Cheh
Production Company : Shaw Brothers
Production Country: Hong Kong



Chiang Sheng
as Yang De, last student of the Venom House
Philip Kwok Chun-Fung
as Meng Tianxia, the Lizard/Constable He Yu
Sun Chien
as Gao Ji, the Scorpion/Chief Constable Ma
Lu Feng
as Zhang Yiaotian, the Centipede/Tan Shanhu
Lo Meng
as Liang Shen, the Toad/Li Hao
Wai Pak
as Qi Dong, the Snake/Hong Wentong
Johnny Wang Lung-Wei
as Justice Wang
Ku Feng
as Bookkeeper Yuan
Dick Wei
as Dying Head of Five Venoms House
Lau Fong-Sai
as Menfa
Shum Lo
as Fruit vendor
Lam Fai-Wong
as Prison officer
Suen Shu-Pau
as Constable Lun Guang
Wong Ching-Ho
as Constable
Tony Tam Chun-To
as Constable
Yu Tai-Ping
as Constable
Wang Han-Chen
as Coroner
Gam Tin-Chue
as Townsfolk
Ting Tung
as Waiter
Chiang Hsing-Lung Editor

Ni Kuang Writer

Mona Fong Producer

Chang Cheh Director

Chang Cheh Writer

Johnson Tsao Chuang-Sheng Art Direction All About Movies © 2020

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