Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Planet of the Turtleoids

Out of This World!

Genre: Animation
The Ninja Turtles are going out of this world. Way out! Their arch villain Shredder has concocted two new mutants and a gigantic robot to destroy the turtles. But also, a mysterious, two foot fifth turtle is following the four around. His name is Kerma and he's from Shellrelah, a turtle world. Well while the turtles are called on to help the turtle world in distress, Shredder is left to do his worst on the city. Can the green teens help their fellow alien turtles and save the city?
Status: Released
Release date: 1991-08-31
Run time: 45 minute / 0:45
Director: Bill Wolf
Production Company : Murakami-Wolf Productions
Production Country: United States of America


Cam Clarke
as Leonardo / Rocksteady / Shell-Ri-La High Councillor
Rob Paulsen
as Raphael / Tattoo / Dwork
Barry Gordon
as Donatello / Bebop
Townsend Coleman
as Michelangelo / Groundchuck / Bork / TV Announcer
James Avery
as The Shredder
Pat Fraley
as Krang / Dirtbag / Herman the Horrible - Left Head
Renae Jacobs
as April O'Neil / Waitress
Peter Renaday
as Splinter / Chrome Dome / Vernon Fenwick
Jennifer Darling
as Irma Langinstein / Waitress
Robert Ridgely
as Herman the Horrible - Right Head
Kevin Eastman Creator
Peter Laird Creator

Fred Wolf Executive Producer

Fred Wolf Story

Chuck Lorre Music

Bill Wolf Director

Mark Freedman Executive Producer
Bill Wolf Producer

Dennis C. Brown Music

David Wise Writer

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