Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation

Genre: Comedy
The nerds are now in control of the university, as a result of Lewis Skolnick and the rest's actions in the two previous movies. A new generation of sportsmen arrive, however, determined on winning the school back. The principle, himself an ex-nerd fighter, helps them, and the nerds return to suppression. Harold Skolnick needs help from his uncle Lewis, the hero of the first two movies. Lewis, however, are not too proud of his nerd past, and won't reveal any of it, much less help his nephew. However, his wife makes him change his mind, and with help from his friends from the first two movies, they start the fight to win the school back, using classic nerd tricks.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1992-06-10
Run time: 93 minute / 1:33
Director: Roland Mesa
Production Company : 20th Century Fox Television
Production Country: United States of America



Robert Carradine
as Lewis 'Lew' Skolnick
Julia Montgomery
as Betty Skolnick
Ted McGinley
as Dean Stanley Gable
Curtis Armstrong
as Dudley 'Booger' Dawson, Esq.
Gregg Binkley
as Harold Skolnick
Morton Downey, Jr.
as Orrin Price
Grant Heslov
as Mason
Richard Israel
as Ira Poppus
John Pinette
as Trevor Gulf
Henry Cho
as Steve Toyota
Tim Conlon
as Adam Price
Clancy Brown
as Clarence - Gas Station Attendant
Sean Whalen
as Wormser
Brian Tochi
as Takashi
Larry B. Scott
as Lamar
Bernie Casey
as U.N. Jefferson
Chi McBride
as Malcolm Pennington III
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