The Deadly Duo

Genre: Action
The plot involves patriots during the Sung Dynasty and their attempts to rescue a kidnapped prince from Ching troops who have invaded the north of China. The patriots are led by Ti Lung who recruits a mysterious but seemingly superhuman fighter played by David Chiang to find a way to cross a perilous bridge to enter an impregnable fortress to locate and rescue the imprisoned prince. The big confrontation at the end involves trickery on the part of the heroes and the self-sacrifice of one of their number as David, who is not known to the enemy, brings in Ti as his `prisoner' to turn over to the Chings, as a way of gaining entrance. Then he cuts Ti's bonds and all hell breaks loose.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1971-12-22
Run time: 94 minute / 1:34
Director: Chang Cheh
Production Company : Shaw Brothers
Production Country: Hong Kong


David Chiang
as Little Bat
Ti Lung
as Bao Ting Tien
Ku Feng
as Man Tien Kuei
Wong Chung
as Hero Gau Shun
Chan Sing
as Jin Emperor
Stanley Fung
as Yian Luyan
Bruce Tong Yim-Chaan
as Hero Yung Yi
Wang Kuang-Yu
as Hero Yung Fu
Cheng Lui
as Hero Shiu
Jin Bong-jin
as Hero Chang (w/crossbow)
Lau Gong
as Hero Ma
Yeung Chak-Lam
as Fire Demon Lui
Bolo Yeung
as River Dragon
Wong Pau-Gei
as Leopard
Lau Kar-Wing
as Mole
Run Run Shaw Producer

Ni Kuang Writer

Chang Cheh Director

Frankie Chan Fan-Kei Original Music Composer

Kwok Ting-Hung Editor

Kung Mu-To Director of Photography

Johnson Tsao Chuang-Sheng Art Direction

Costume & Make-Up
Li Kei Costume Design

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