What Price Honesty?

Genre: Action
Police corruption is the theme of this brutal harbinger of the bleak "new wave" crime thriller. Pai Piao, Danny Lee, and "Venom" Sun Chien star as idealistic police school graduates who run afoul of such vicious, murderous depravity that the cop who is killed first could be considered the lucky one.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1980-12-31
Run time: 89 minute / 1:29
Director: Patrick Yuen Ho-Chuen
Production Company : Shaw Brothers
Production Country: Hong Kong


Jason Pai Piao
as He Zhong Heng
Sun Chien
as Luo Zhang
Danny Lee Sau-Yin
as Ying Hao
Lily Li Li-Li
as Ying Hao's wife
Lo Lieh
as Sun Long
Yeung Chi-Hing
as Lord Huang, envoy
Chiang Nan
as Lord Ge, magistrate
Keung Hon
as Chief Liu
Chan Shen
as Fifth Master
Wong Ching-Ho
as Bank customer
Lam Sau-Kwan
as Xiu Lian
Ting Tung
as Prison guard
Mama Hung
as Brothel madam
Hung San-Nam
as Constable
Ailen Sit
as Constable
Brandy Yuen
as Prisoner/Prison guard
Ngai Tim-Choi
as Prisoner
Sai Gwa-Pau
as Bank teller
Gam Tin-Chue
as Shopkeeper
Ni Kuang Writer

Patrick Yuen Ho-Chuen Director

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