Executioners from Shaolin

Genre: Action
A couple unite - she is fluent in the crane style of kung fu, he in tiger style. They have a son, but the boy's father is killed by the evil eunuch Pai Mei. Disguised as a girl, his mom trains him in crane style while he secretly learns tiger style from his father's training manual.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1977-02-16
Run time: 98 minute / 1:38
Director: Liu Chia-Liang
Production Company : Shaw Brothers
Production Country: Hong Kong



Chen Kuan-Tai
as Hung Hsi Kuan
Lily Li Li-Li
as Fang Yung Chun
Lo Lieh
as Priest Pai Mei
Yue Wong
as Hung Wen Ting
Dave Wong Kit
as Hong Wen Ding, age 10
Cheng Kang-Yeh
as Xiao Hu
Shum Lo
as Uncle Fang
Gordon Liu Chia-Hui
as Tong Qia
Lee Hoi-Sang
as Monk Zhi Shan
Tin Ching
as His Highness
Chiang Tao
as Governor Kao Chen Chung
John Cheung Ng-Long
as Governor's bodyguard
Lee Chiu
as Governor's bodyguard
Fung Hak-On
as Governor's fighter
Wilson Tong
as Governor's fighter
Hsiao Ho
as Governor's fighter
Chin Yuet-Sang
as Governor's fighter
Liu Chia-Liang
as Governor's fighter on the stairs
Liu Chia-Liang Director

Chiang Hsing-Lung Editor

Ni Kuang Writer

Runme Shaw Producer

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