The Breaking of Bumbo

Genre: Comedy
The hilarious adventures of young Bumbo Bailey, who enlists in the Brigade of Guards and is based in the prestigious Wellington Barracks in London in the Swinging Sixties. He regards his social life as important as his military.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1970-09-28
Director: Andrew Sinclair
Production Country: United Kingdom


Richard Warwick
as Bumbo Bailey
Joanna Lumley
as Susie
Jeremy Child
as Billy
John Bird
as Jock
Natasha Pyne
as Sheila
Donald Pickering
as Jorum
Derek Newark
as CSM Peters
Don McKillop
as RSM
Peter Myers
as CO
Clifton Jones
as Black Actor
Simon Williams
as Crutcher
Timothy Carlton
as Bean
Edward Fox
as Horwood
Robert Swann
as Machaffie
George Janson
as Farquhar
Peter Whitting
as Downley
Robert Russell
as Sergeant Clegg
Howard Southern
as Lance Corporal Johnson
Warren Clarke
as Guardsman Andrews
Andrew Bradford
as Guardsman Simons
Michael Burrell
as Guardsman Matt
Jon Croft
as Guardsman James
Peter Laird
as Guardsman Munch
Michael Taylor
as Guardsman Smith
Ron Davies
as Guardsman Bart
Robert Tayman
as Guardsman Phillips
Francis Wallis
as Guardsman Thomson
Jeffrey Wickham
as MO
William Fox
as Brigadier
Anouska Hempel
as Debutante
Chris Chittell
as The Prisoner
Eileen Murphy
as The Prisoner's Girl
George Hilsdon
as Tussauds Guard
Anthony May
as Art Student
Christopher Cabot
as 1st Student
Oscar James
as 2nd Student
Gerald Tarrant
as 3rd Student
Ian Liston
as 4th Student
Nigel Ashton
as Assault Course Officer
Neil Wilson
as Park-Keeper
Andrew Sinclair Director

Andrew Sinclair Writer

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