The Story of Woo Viet

Genres: Crime, Drama
Wu Viet is a Vietnamese refugee who wants to leave his country behind and start over in the United States. First, he must make his way to Hong Kong, but as he passes through Thailand, he meets a beautiful woman who travels with him. Wu and his new love end up in a refugee camp in Thailand, where they discover many of their countrymen are disappearing under mysterious circumstances. As Wu tries to learn the truth about what's happening, he discovers his life is in danger, and he must flee to the Philippines for safety.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1981-04-23
Run time: 92 minute / 1:32
Director: Ann Hui
Production Country: Hong Kong



Chow Yun-Fat
as Woo Viet
Cora Miao
as Li Lap-Quan
Cherie Chung
as Shum Ching
Lo Lieh
as Sahm
Gam Biu
as Chung
Homer Cheung
as Viet special agent
Lam Ying-Fat
as Young Viet refugee
Tong Kam-Tong
as Snakehead
Chan Ta-Kit
as Elder Viet refugee
Chung Cheun-Ying
as Japanese language teacher
Fung Yun-Chuen
as Human trafficker
Dave Brodett
as Migual
Josie Shoemaker
as Mamasan
Ramon D'Salva
as Dwarf
Ben Makalalay
as Ricardo
Fanny Serrano
as Transvestite
Rasauro Gotaco
as Hostage
Ann Hui Director

Alfred Cheung Writer

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