Blood Stained Tradewind

Genre: Action
"Shing (Alex Fong) and Hsiong (Waise Lee) are competitive young men raised by the head of a powerful Triad group. Shing appears to have the winning edge; his gunfighting skills are unsurpassed earning him the nickname Golden Gun and the pretty daughter of the Triad boss appears to favor him more than eager brother Hsiong. But when Shing turns down his godfather’s appointment to head the triad group his luck runs out and he’s kicked out of the group and shunned by the family. Hsiong becomes the new boss and the pretty daughter marries him instead. Shing moves to Macau and becomes a common laborer and rooms with Carrie Ng and her small son. But Carrie’s kid brother is a bad egg who brings the world of crime back into Shing’s life. Then all hell breaks loose and everyone’s life is in jeopardy when traitors and double crossers rise up and take over.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1990-12-07
Run time: 98 minute / 1:38
Director: Chor Yuen
Production Company : Golden Princess Amusement Co., Ltd.
Production Country: Hong Kong


Stanley Fung
as Drunk
Carrie Ng
as Fang
Ng Man Tat
as Uncle Da
Waise Lee
as Xiong
Alex Fong
as Chen Zhi Cheng
Lam Wai
as Song Ben
Lo Lieh
as Brother Ming
Chen Kuan-Tai
as Arms buyer [cameo]
Chen Kuan-Tai Producer

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