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Genres: Animation, Adventure, Family, Comedy
Determined to prove herself, Officer Judy Hopps, the first bunny on Zootopia's police force, jumps at the chance to crack her first case - even if it means partnering with scam-artist fox Nick Wilde to solve the mystery.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2016-02-11
Run time: 109 minute / 1:49
Budget: $150,000,000
Revenue: $1,023,784,195
Directors: Byron Howard, Rich Moore.
Writers: Jared Bush, Phil Johnston.
Website: http://movies.disney.com/zootopia
Production Companies : Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Production Country: United States of America


Ginnifer Goodwin
as Judy Hopps (voice)
Jason Bateman
as Nick Wilde (voice)
as Gazelle (voice)
Idris Elba
as Chief Bogo (voice)
Octavia Spencer
as Mrs. Otterton (voice)
J.K. Simmons
as Mayor Leodore Lionheart (voice)
Alan Tudyk
as Duke Weaselton (voice)
Jenny Slate
as Assistant Mayor Dawn Bellwether (voice)
Bonnie Hunt
as Bonnie Hopps (voice)
Don Lake
as Stu Hopps (voice)
Tom Lister Jr.
as Finnick (voice)
Tommy Chong
as Yax (voice)
Kristen Bell
as Priscilla (voice)
Katie Lowes
as Dr. Madge Honey Badger (voice)
Josh Dallas
as Frantic Pig (voice)
John DiMaggio
as Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. (voice)
Nate Torrence
as Officer Benjamin Clawhauser (voice)
Maurice LaMarche
as Mr. Big (voice)
Kath Soucie
as Young Nick (voice)
Mark Smith
as Officer McHorn (voice)
Rich Moore
as Doug (voice)
Byron Howard
as Bucky Oryx-Antlerson / Travis (voice)
Jared Bush
as Pronk Oryx-Antlerson (voice)
Della Saba
as Young Hopps (voice)
Phil Johnston
as Gideon Grey (voice)
Gita Reddy
as Nangi (voice)
Jesse Corti
as Mr. Manchas (voice)
Leah Latham
as Fru Fru (voice)
Peter Mansbridge
as Peter Moosebridge (voice)
Josie Trinidad
as Landlady (voice)
John Lavelle
as Mouse Foreman (voice)
Evelyn Wilson Bresee
as Additional Voices (voice)
Hewitt Bush
as Additional Voices (voice)
Jill Cordes
as Additional Voices (voice)
Madeleine Curry
as Sharla / Gareth / Hippo kid (voice)
Terri Douglas
as Additional Voices (voice)
Melissa Goodwin Shepherd
as Angry Mouse (voice)
Zach King
as Guard Wolf / Additional Voices (voice)
Dave Kohut
as Additional Voices (voice)
Raymond S. Persi
as Flash (voice)
as Drill Sergeant (voice)
Jeremy Milton
as Additional Voices (voice)
Pace Paulsen
as Additional Voices (voice)
Fabienne Rawley
as Additional Voices (voice)
Bradford Simonsen
as Additional Voices (voice)
Claire K. Smith
as Additional Voices (voice)
Jackson Stein
as Additional Voices (voice)
David A. Thibodeau
as Additional Voices (voice)
Hannah G. Williams
as Additional Voices (voice)
Vassos Alexander
as Moosos Alexander (voice)
Ricardo Boechat
as Boi Chá (voice)
David Campbell
as David Koalabell (voice)
Koura Kazumasa
as Michael Tanukiyama (voice)
Daveed Diggs
as "Parlez-Vous Rap" Performer (voice)
Byron Howard Director

Clark Spencer Producer

Jared Bush Screenplay
Byron Howard Story

Matthias Lechner Art Direction

Visual Effects
Anthony DeRosa Animation

Stephen Null Lighting Artist

Visual Effects
Chris Patrick O'Connell Modeling
Florian Perret Modeling

Osiris Pérez Technical Supervisor
Gregory Smith Technical Supervisor

Visual Effects
Dave Hardin Animation

Andrew Jennings Technical Supervisor

Visual Effects
Morgan R. Kelly Animation

Dave K. Komorowski Art Department Coordinator

Visual Effects
Kevin MacLean Animation

Maia Neubig Technical Supervisor

Visual Effects
Zach Parrish Animation

Navin Pinto Technical Supervisor

Visual Effects
Eric Provan Modeling

Nicklas Puetz Technical Supervisor

Visual Effects
Manuel Arenas Visual Development

Rich Moore Director

Monica Lago-Kaytis Associate Producer
Bradford Simonsen Associate Producer
John Lasseter Executive Producer

Phil Johnston Screenplay
Jared Bush Story
Rich Moore Story
Josie Trinidad Story
Jim Reardon Story
Phil Johnston Story
Jennifer Lee Story

Michael Giacchino Original Music Composer

Jeremy Milton Editor
Fabienne Rawley Editor

Jamie Sparer Roberts Casting

David Goetz Production Design

Jared Bush Co-Director

Lauren Albers Lighting Supervisor

Jenny Bettis Script Supervisor

Heather Blodget Supervisor of Production Resources

Holly E. Bratton Production Supervisor
Kelly Eisert Production Supervisor

Nathan Curtis Lighting Supervisor

Jeff Chasin Production Manager
Kelly Feeg Production Supervisor

Visual Effects
Jennifer Gandrup Visual Development

Jennifer Gandrup Set Production Assistant

Tucker Gilmore Production Supervisor
Christopher Kracker Production Supervisor
Nathan Massmann Production Supervisor
Albert Ramirez Production Supervisor
Debbie G. Yu Production Supervisor
Stephanie Hachem Production Supervisor

Visual Effects
James E. Hasman Animation Supervisor

Ruth Strother Production Supervisor
Nicholas Russell Production Supervisor
Leah Latham Production Supervisor
Bérénice Robinson Executive In Charge Of Post Production

David Okey Post Production Supervisor

David Okey Production Supervisor

Visual Effects
Brett M. Albert Visual Development

Chris Hubbard Storyboard Designer
Jeremy Spears Storyboard Designer

Visual Effects
Justin Cram Visual Development
James Finn Visual Development
Mac George Visual Development
Andrew Edward Harkness Visual Development
Shiyoon Kim Visual Development
Jim Martin Visual Development
Borja Montoro Visual Development
Rick Moore Visual Development
Nick Orsi Visual Development
Armand Serrano Visual Development
Scott Watanabe Visual Development

Steve Bedaux Sound Recordist
Chris Chae Sound Recordist
Christopher Flick Foley Editor
Willard Overstreet Foley Editor
Ronni Brown Foley
Scott Curtis Foley
Mary Jo Lang Foley
Alyson Dee Moore Foley
John Roesch Foley
Jeremy Bowker Sound Effects Editor
Lee Gilmore Sound Effects Editor
Jack Whittaker Sound Effects Editor
Addison Teague Supervising Sound Editor
Addison Teague Sound Designer
Gabriel Guy Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Jacob Riehle Supervising Dialogue Editor
David E. Fluhr Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Edgar Meza Sound Engineer
Steve Morris Sound Engineer

Steve Schatz Mix Technician

Lynn Sable First Assistant Sound Editor

Carrie Perry Schedule Coordinator

Phil Hadaway ADR & Dubbing
Daniel Laurie ADR Supervisor
Scott Levine Sound Engineer

Olun Riley Lighting Artist
Jason MacLeod Lighting Artist
Logan Gloor Lighting Artist
Yezi Xue Lighting Artist
Elizabeth Willy Lighting Artist
Ka Yaw Tan Lighting Artist
Chris Springfield Lighting Artist
Heekyung Shin Lighting Artist
Wally Schaab Lighting Artist
Ellen Poon Lighting Artist
Alex Nijmeh Lighting Supervisor
Chadwick Orr Lighting Artist
Jorge Obregon Lighting Artist
Derek Nelson Lighting Artist
Jonathan Navarro Lighting Artist
Sarah Moore Lighting Artist
Kévin Monnier Lighting Artist
Angela McBride Lighting Artist
Roger Lee Lighting Artist
Kelly Kin Lighting Artist
Jongo Lighting Artist
Jeff Gipson Lighting Artist
Rob Engle Lighting Artist
Kaori Doi Lighting Artist
Justin Dobies Lighting Artist
Ryan DeYoung Lighting Artist
Gregory Culp Lighting Artist
Alexandre Cazals Lighting Artist
Iveth Bueno Lighting Artist

Terri Douglas ADR Voice Casting

Visual Effects
Mary Howie Animation Production Assistant
Nathan Engelhardt Animation Supervisor
Jennifer Hager Animation Supervisor
Kira Lehtomaki Animation Supervisor
Chad Sellers Animation Supervisor
Robert Christian Huth Animation Supervisor

Ricky Arietta Software Engineer

Visual Effects
Alberto Abril Animation
Abraham Aguilar Animation
Manuel Aparicio Animation
Doug Bennett Animation
Tony Bonilla Animation
Darrin Butters Animation
Chris Capel Animation
Tony Chau Animation
Andrew Chesworth Animation
Youngjae Choi Animation
Shawn Clark Animation
Christopher Cordingley Animation
Trent Correy Animation
Patrick Danaher Animation
Marat Davletshin Animation
Riannon Delanoy Animation
Daniel Edwards Animation
Jeffrey Engel Animation
Isaak Fernandez Animation
Chadd Ferron Animation
Jason Figliozzi Animation
Andrew Ford Animation
Michael Franceschi Animation
Jacob Frey Animation
Derek Friesenborg Animation
Mario Furmanczyk Animation
Jorge Garcia Animation
Daniel Gonzales Animation
Jason Herschaft Animation
Ryan Hobbiebrunken Animation
Darrell W. Johnson Animation
Michael Kiely Animation
Bert Klein Animation
Mike Klim Animation
Jackie Koehler Animation
Andrew Lawson Animation
Hyun Min Lee Animation
David Lisbe Animation
Kelly McClanahan Animation
Matthew Meyer Animation
Mark Mitchell Animation
Prothais Nicolas Animation
Ryan Page Animation
Daniel Martín Peixe Animation
Bobby Pontillas Animation
Mitja Rabar Animation
Svetla Radivoeva Animation
Joel Reid Animation
Brian D. Scott Animation
Benson Shum Animation
Justin Sklar Animation
Josh Slice Animation
Alexander Snow Animation
David Stodolny Animation
Wes Storhoff Animation
Philip To Animation
Wayne Unten Animation
Vitor Vilela Animation
Amanda Wagner Animation
Justin Weber Animation
Geoff Wheeler Animation
Jeff Williams Animation
Mark Williams Animation
John Wong Animation
Michael Woodside Animation
Nara Youn Animation
Shaofu Zhang Animation
Allen Ostergar Animation
Brian Menz Animation
Jorge Ruiz Animation
Minor Gaytan Animation
Valentín Amador Animation

Adam DesCombes Assistant Editor

Cymbre Walk Casting Associate
Sarah Raoufpur Casting Assistant

Visual Effects
Sergi Caballer Character Modelling Supervisor
Cory Loftis Character Designer

Tomas Costanza Additional Music

Visual Effects
Christopher Evart Creature Technical Director
Scott Peters Creature Technical Director
Mike Navarro Creature Technical Director
Peter Megow Creature Technical Director
Hubert Leo Creature Technical Director
Theresa Latzko Creature Technical Director
Luis San Juan Pallares Creature Technical Director
Ricardo Nadu Creature Technical Director
William D. Kastak Creature Technical Director
Mary Twohig Creature Technical Director
Erik Eulen Creature Technical Director
Iker J. de los Mozos Creature Technical Director
Esther Trilsch Creature Technical Director
Jesus Canal Creature Technical Director
Mitchell Counsell Creature Technical Director
Jason M. Robinson Creature Technical Director

Elise Aliberti Development Manager
Oren Peleg Development Manager
Felicity Trevino Development Manager
Scott Hummel Development Manager

Eliot Milbourn Digital Intermediate
Gabriel Stewart Digital Intermediate

Visual Effects
Cristian Moras Digital Compositors

Cristian Moras Lighting Artist
Brian Leach Lighting Director

Visual Effects
Vijoy Gaddipati Visual Effects Technical Director
James DeValera Mansfield Visual Effects Designer
Mary Meacham Opening/Ending Animation

Michael Guttman Layout

Tom Body Finance
Frank William Knittel Finance
Linda Y. Matsuoka Finance

John Wheeler First Assistant Editor

Serge Sretschinsky Supervising Technical Director

Visual Effects
Renato Dos Anjos Animation Manager

Diane Howard Publicist

Blair Bradley Lighting Coordinator

Blair Bradley Layout
Allen Blaisdell Layout
Jahkeeli Garnett Layout
Juan E. Hernandez Layout
Tyler J. Kupferer Layout
Kevin Lee Layout
Matt Lee Layout
Terry Moews Layout
Rick Moore Layout
Lindsey St. Pierre Layout
Matsune Suzuki Layout
Kendra Vander Vliet Layout
David Wainstain Layout
Troy Griffin Layout
Michael Talarico Layout
Cory Rocco Florimonte Layout
Joaquin Baldwin Layout
Tamara Alejandra Faralla Layout

Amol Sathe Lighting Supervisor
Mark Siegel Lighting Supervisor
Gina Warr Lighting Supervisor
Diana J. Zeng Lighting Supervisor

Visual Effects
Chika Saito Modeling
Punn Wiantrakoon Modeling
Irene Matar Modeling

Stephen M. Davis Music Editor
Earl Ghaffari Music Editor
Andrew Synowiec Musician
Karl Vincent Musician
Norman Ludwin Musician
Mark LeVang Musician
Eric Bradley Musician
Greg Whipple Musician
Jeff Bunnell Musician
Cameron Patrick Musician
Tim Simonec Orchestrator
Robert Elhai Orchestrator

Katie Amanek Other

Mark Gasbarro Musician

Brian Estrada Post-Production Manager

Visual Effects
Mariel Song Animation Production Assistant
Sarah Kambara Animation Production Assistant
Nicholas Ellingsworth Animation Department Coordinator

David A. Thibodeau Production Coordinator
Derek Manzella Production Coordinator
Cameron Stephens Production Coordinator

David J. Suroviec Rigging Supervisor

Joel Iwataki Scoring Mixer

Rik Bomberger Systems Administrators & Support
Thomas Greer Systems Administrators & Support
Steven Seed Systems Administrators & Support
Galen Muir Systems Administrators & Support

Visual Effects
Kate Kirby-O'Connell Simulation & Effects Artist

Monique Donnelly Musician
Vangie Gunn Musician
Royce Reynolds Musician

Patrick Kelly Software Engineer
Meghan Gillet Software Engineer
Garret Sakura Software Engineer
Joanna Zeta Software Engineer
Ralf Habel Software Engineer
Peter Kutz Software Engineer

Visual Effects
Katie Tucker-Fico Stereoscopic Coordinator

John Ripa Leadman
Marc Smith Leadman

Kevin C. Constantine Systems Administrators & Support
Kimberly M. Rios Systems Administrators & Support
Jay D. Hilliard Systems Administrators & Support

Visual Effects
Tony Chai Visual Effects Technical Director
Dexter Cheng Visual Effects Technical Director
Gabriela Hernandez Visual Effects Technical Director
Brandon Lee Jarratt Visual Effects Technical Director
Kimberly W. Keech Visual Effects Technical Director
Lauralea Otis Visual Effects Technical Director
Abraham Franklin Tseng Visual Effects Technical Director
Sara Drakeley Visual Effects Technical Director
Christopher Otto Gallagher Visual Effects Technical Director
Rebecca Vallera-Thompson Visual Effects Technical Director
Nadim Sinno Visual Effects Technical Director
Natt Mintrasak Visual Effects Technical Director
Norman Moses Joseph Visual Effects Technical Director
Stella Hsin-Huei Cheng Visual Effects Technical Director

Ernest J. Petti Technical Supervisor
Gisel A. Calvo Systems Administrators & Support
Carlos C. Estiandan Systems Administrators & Support
Annamarie Fuchs Systems Administrators & Support
Michael M. Fukumoto Systems Administrators & Support
Amindra Jayasinghe Systems Administrators & Support
Teal Owyang Systems Administrators & Support
Michael J. Dobson Systems Administrators & Support
Jessica Kain Systems Administrators & Support
Kevin P. Nolte Systems Administrators & Support
Dominick Certo Temp Music Editor
Tommy Holmes Temp Music Editor

Visual Effects
Claudia Chung Visual Effects
Scott Kersavage Visual Effects Supervisor

Jeff Kryka Orchestrator

Nathan Warner Director of Photography

Visual Effects
Peter DeSève Visual Development

Andrea Datzman Lyricist

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