Just For Fun

Rich playboy Big Lamp (Frankie Chan) comes back from France to inherit his just-deceased father's fortune, only to discover much to his dismay that his dad has donated all his wealth to charity, leaving him merely four words: Work Hard For Yourself! Falling suddenly from riches to rags, Big Lamp is forced to seek shelter at old butler Uncle Yim's (Wu Ma) home. He then hooks up with his former "Bank Check" bandmates: Gossip (Charlie Cho), Lemon Head (Liu Wai Hung), Cat's Poo (Melvin Wong), and gets involved in the fight over Lemon's sassy cousin, Sally (Sally Yeh).
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1983-10-12
Run time: 104 minute / 1:44
Director: Frankie Chan
Production Company : Always Good Film Company
Production Country: Hong Kong


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