A Family Circus Christmas

The family is decorating their tree when Daddy notices the star his father made is missing. When Billy asks Mommy why this made Daddy sad, she tells him it's because the star was made by his father, their Granddad, who is in Heaven. Jeffy then has a vivid dream about Santa, and asks him in the dream to bring Granddad home from Heaven for Christmas to make Daddy happy again. When Billy learns that Jeffy thinks this really will happen, he is afraid that Jeffy's Christmas will be ruined, since Santa can't do that. Mommy tries to explain why it's not possible to Jeffy after Dolly tells her what Jeffy thinks, but he gets upset and doesn't want to hear it. That night, he gets a visit from Santa, and Granddad.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1979-07-19
Run time: 24 minute / 0:24
Director: Al Kouzel
Production Company : Cullen - Kasdan Productions, LTD.
Production Country: United States of America


Anne Costello
as Mommy
Bob Kaliban
as Daddy
Mark McDermott
as Billy
Missy Hope
as Dolly
Nathan Berg
as Jeffy
Allen Swift
as Santa Claus
Visual Effects
Glen Keane Animation
Glen Keane Modeling
Fred Hellmich Animation

Al Kouzel Director

Al Kouzel Storyboard

Tom McIntosh Music

Visual Effects
Willis Pyle Animation
Martin Taras Animation
Jim Peterson Animation
Fred Crippen Animation

Joseph Cavella Writer

Visual Effects
Richard Trueblood Animation

Saul Kasdan Associate Producer

Bill Shippey Editor

Visual Effects
David Brain Animation
Ed Demattia Animation
Joan Drake Animation
Bill Hajee Animation
Walter Kubiak Animation
Mike Sanger Animation
Robert Zamboni Animation

Edward F. Cullen Producer

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