The Cheeky Chap

Genres: Action, Comedy
Ma is a grinning and arrogant young man who believes himself invincible, and with fairly good reason. He intervenes to save Captain Kao from robbery, then aids and abets the robbery of an old man, whose daughter Chin he falls instantly in love with. The stolen money was to pay a debt and, because he hasn't the money, the old man is mortally wounded by Sha, the debt collector's assistant. Ma spends the remainder of the film wooing Chin and baiting and fighting the villains, who seem to keep changing allegiances.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1980-04-17
Run time: 91 minute / 1:31
Director: Lee Wing-Cheung
Production Company : Orange Sky Golden Harvest
Production Country: Hong Kong


Wai Pak
as Ma San Fan
Candy Wen Xue-Er
as Chin aka Phoenix
Yeung Chak-Lam
as Captain Kao
Wai Wang
as Boss Au
Charlie Chan Yiu-Lam
as Golden Sword
Wong Ching
as Boss Sha
Ma Chung-Tak
as Shao's brother
Yue Tau-Wan
as Au's thug
Yip Ha-Lei
as Doctor Pao
Wong San
as Captain
Liu Wai-Hung
as Beggar
Baau Lok-Foo
as Phoenix's father
Benny Lai Keung-Kuen
as Kao's man
Raymond Chow Producer

Lee Wing-Cheung Director

Lee Wing-Cheung Writer All About Movies © 2020

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