The Surgeon

Genre: Drama
Wong Yan Tung, a doctor with a fear of fire and recurring nightmares of being cremated alive, is dedicated to fighting his colleagues' ignorance about the nature of clinical death. Prostitute Kam Kuk, Wong's childhood friend, attempts suicide several times and they inevitably reconnect during her short hospital stays, while Wong's girlfriend suffers from mysterious and sudden bouts of numbness in her arm.
Status: Released
Release date: 1984-10-11
Run time: 85 minute / 1:25
Director: Wong Wa-Kei
Writer: Chen Fang
Production Company : Kay's Productions
Production Country: Hong Kong


Kent Tong
as Wong Yan Tung
So Ming-Ming
as Kam Kuk
Yu Ke-hsin
Yam Choi-Bo
Gam Biu
David Wu
Woo Wang-Daat
Yau Pooi-Ling
as Wong's mother
Leung Git-Fong
as Kam's mother
David Wu Editor

Wong Wa-Kei Director

Wong Wa-Kei Producer

Chen Fang Screenplay All About Movies © 2020

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