Weather Wizards

Genres: Documentary, Drama
Modern meteorology and a hard-working government weather team put their science and organization to work as a cold front moves from Alaska toward the citrus groves of Southern California. First, the scientists predict the storm's course, giving several days' warning to farmers and growers. The growers, typified by the Morgan family, prepare the oil-burning pots throughout their grove. Then, as the temperature dips below freezing, they light the pots. The cold snap continues as oil-supplies dwindle; the smoky air slows traffic, including trucks bringing more oil. The scientists strive to predict how long freezing temperatures will last: can the Morgans hold out?
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1939-04-08
Run time: 10 minute / 0:10
Director: Fred Zinnemann
Production Company : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Production Country: United States of America


Pete Smith
as Narrator (voice)
John Dilson
as California Meteorologist
Bert Moorhouse
as Weather Balloon Launcher
Alonzo Price
as Mr. Morgan
Ruth Robinson
as Mrs. Morgan
Will Stanton
as Uncle Jim
Robert Winkler
as Morgan's Son
Fred Zinnemann Director

Robert Lees Writer
Frederic I. Rinaldo Writer

Robert Pittack Director of Photography All About Movies © 2021

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