Invincible Shaolin

Genre: Action
Three North Shaolin teachers (Lu Feng, Chang Sheng, and Sun Chien) are called on by the Manchus to teach their soldiers and are urged to challenge the current South Shaolin teachers. They defeat the South Shaolin teachers and, that night, the head general (Wang Lung Wei) kills the South Shaolin teachers and blames their death on the North Shaolin teachers. The South Shaolin master sends more of his pupils, who are killed accidentally by the North Shaolin teachers. He finally sends two more (Wei Pai and Lo Meng) of his students to train with old masters and trains one student (Kuo Chui) himself with the goal of finally defeating the North Shaolin experts.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1978-11-19
Run time: 98 minute / 1:38
Director: Chang Cheh
Production Company : Shaw Brothers
Production Country: Hong Kong


Sun Chien
as Hsu Fong
Chiang Sheng
as Chun Fei
Lu Feng
as Pao Siao Tung
Johnny Wang Lung-Wei
as General Xu
Suen Shu-Pau
as Captain Hua Shun
Lo Meng
as Ho Ming Pao
Philip Kwok Chun-Fung
as Ho Yen Wu
Wai Pak
as Mai Feng
Chan Shen
as Master Mai Qi
Wong Ching-Ho
as Master Liang
Cheng Miu
as Master Zhu Ming
Kara Hui
as Su Yen
Nau Nau
as Chen Cui Ying, fruit vendor
Yau Chui-Ling
as Xiaoling, fruit vendor
Dick Wei
as South Shaolin fighter
Yu Tai-Ping
as South Shaolin fighter
Suen San-Cheung
as South Shaolin fighter
Tony Tam Chun-To
as Nu Qiang, South Shaolin fighter
Lau Fong-Sai
as Ching soldier
Lam Fai-Wong
as Ching soldier
Gam Tin-Chue
as Shopkeeper
Ting Tung
as Ching soldier
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Ni Kuang Writer

Chang Cheh Director

Chang Cheh Writer

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