The Hoodlum Saint


Genres: Drama, Music
A former reporter comes back home after serving in the army during World War I and finds that it's much more difficult to find work than he expected. Desperate, one day he crashes a wedding attended by many of the city's rich and powerful, meets a beautiful girl named Kay who turns out to be his ticket to meeting those rich and powerful people, and he soon manages to land a job on a newspaper. He gets caught up in the "make money at all costs" game, but receives a rude awakening when the stock market crashes in 1929.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1946-04-04
Run time: 91 minute / 1:31
Director: Norman Taurog
Production Company : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Production Country: United States of America


William Powell
as Terence Ellerton 'Terry' O'Neill
Esther Williams
as Kay Lorrison
Angela Lansbury
as Dusty Millard
James Gleason
as Snarp
Lewis Stone
as Father Nolan
Rags Ragland
as Fishface
Frank McHugh
as Three Finger
Slim Summerville
as Eel
Roman Bohnen
as Father O'Doul
Charles Arnt
as Cy Nolan - O'Neill's Secretary
Louis Jean Heydt
as Mike Flaherty
Charles Trowbridge
as Uncle Joe Lorrison
Henry O'Neill
as Lewis J. Malbery
William Phillips
as Dave Fernby
Matt Moore
as Father Duffy
Trevor Bardette
as Rabbi Meyerberg
Addison Richards
as Reverend Miller
Tom Dugan
as Buggsy
Emma Dunn
as Maggie
Mary Gordon
as Trina
Charles D. Brown
as Ed Collner - Chronicle Reporter
Stanley Andrews
as Chronicle Publisher (uncredited)
Stanley Blystone
as Cop Arresting Fishface (uncredited)
Hobart Cavanaugh
as Antique Clock Dealer (uncredited)
Jack Cheatham
as Jailer (uncredited)
Chester Conklin
as Cop (uncredited)
Heinie Conklin
as Mug (uncredited)
Byron Foulger
as J. Cornwall Travers (uncredited)
Dwayne Hickman
as Johnny Ryan (uncredited)
Russell Hicks
as Marty Martindale (uncredited)
Gladden James
as Doctor in Marathon (uncredited)
Frank Jenks
as Dance Contest M.C. (uncredited)
Robert Emmett Keane
as Doctor Treating O'Neill (uncredited)
Norman Leavitt
as Dance Contestant #1, Mamie's Partner (uncredited)
Frank McLure
as Reporter (uncredited)
Howard M. Mitchell
as Bartender (uncredited)
Rhea Mitchell
as Reporter (uncredited)
Forbes Murray
as Rich Man (uncredited)
William H. O'Brien
as Waiter at Wedding Brunch (uncredited)
Robert Emmett O'Connor
as Police Desk Sergeant (uncredited)
Frank Orth
as Chronicle Editor (uncredited)
'Snub' Pollard
as Parade Spectator (uncredited)
Larry Steers
as Captain of Waiters (uncredited)
Harry Tenbrook
as Mug (uncredited)
Will Wright
as Allan 'Knucklehead' Smith - Times Editor (uncredited)
John George
as Mug (uncredited)
Ray June Director of Photography

Norman Taurog Director

James Hill Writer
Frank Wead Writer All About Movies © 2020

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