The Buddhist Fist

Genre: Action
Two orphans raised by monks are taught divine secrets of kung fu. As adults, one chooses the path of the monks while the other opts for the outside world. Aspiring barber and experienced kung-fu fighter Shang learns that his childhood friend, Siu Ming, has been framed for murder by an unknown villain.When Shang begins looking into the crime, he soon finds himself the target of an assassination attempt. They reunite to find their missing godfather and seek vengeance on his kidnappers. Who is behind all these crimes, and can Shang stop them?
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1980-05-07
Run time: 86 minute / 1:26
Director: Yuen Woo-ping
Production Company : Peace Film Production Co.
Production Country: Hong Kong



Yuen Shun-Yi
as Shang (as Yuen Shun I)
Tsui Siu-Ming
as Si Ming
Chan Siu-Pang
as The boys' Sifu
Fan Mei-Sheng
Yuen Siu-Tien
as Sleeping monk
Lee Hoi-Sang
as Mr. Chen
Peter Chan Lung
as Yu
Ho Pak-Kwong
as Barber Shop owner
Yat Chor Yuen
Addy Sung Gam-Loi
as Fortune teller
San Kuai
as Hunchback, Liu Chow Mu
Brandy Yuen
as Beancurd seller, undercover cop
Yuen Cheung-Yan
as stutterer with bird cage
Yue Tau-Wan
Tong Ching
as Cloth seller
Yuen Woo-ping Director

Lam Chi-Ming Writer
Wong Jing Writer
Tsui Siu-Ming Writer

Tsui Siu-Ming Co-Director

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