Clan of Amazons

Genre: Action
The Embroidery Bandit is stealing treasures while blinding his victims. The hero Liu Xiaofeng is called in to solve the mystery. The evidence points to the all-woman Clan of the Red Shoes - but appearances can be deceptive....
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1978-02-19
Run time: 88 minute / 1:28
Director: Chor Yuen
Production Company : Shaw Brothers
Production Country: Hong Kong


Tony Liu
as Lu Xiaofeng
Ling Yun
as Jin Juiling
Norman Chu
as Jiang Chongwei
Ching Li
as Xue Bing
Elliot Ngok
as Hua Manlou
Mannor Chan
as Dr. Gong Sun-Lan, 1st Sister
Shih Szu
as Jiang Qingxia, 3rd Sister
Ku Kuan-Chung
as Meng Wei
Cheung Ying
as Serpent
Chan Shen
as Lu Wenhu
Ngaai Fei
as Sikong Zhaixing
Lam Fai-Wong
as Sikong Zhaihua
Yeung Chi-Hing
as Chang Mantian
Teresa Ha Ping
as 2nd Sister
Dik Boh-Laai
as Ouyang Qing, 4th Sister
Lau Wai-Ling
as 5th Sister
Chong Lee
as 6th Sister
Kara Hui
as 7th Sister
Ou-Yang Sha-Fei
as Mrs. Xue
Cheng Miu
as One of Lu's friends
Shum Lo
as One of Lu's friends
Wang Han-Chen
as Police captain
Wong Ching-Ho
as Old man at West Attic
Yuen Wah
as Black Devil
Ting Tung
as Plain clothes constable
Jacky Chen Shao-Lung
as Chestnut peddler's thug
Huang Pei-Chih
as Troublemaker at restaurant
Chui Fat
as Troublemaker at restaurant
Law Keung
as Chongwei's soldier
Wong Chi-Ming
as Chongwei's soldier
Yuen Bun
as Juiling's man
Alan Chan Kwok-Kuen
as Chongwei's soldier
Fung Ging-Man
as Serpent's men
Gam Tin-Chue
as Silk shop boss/Brothel customer
Sai Gwa-Pau
as Waiter
Ming Fung
as Wenhu's waiter
Hsu Hsia
as Man attacking red shoes peddler
Run Run Shaw Producer

Chiang Hsing-Lung Editor

Ku Long Story

Chor Yuen Director

Chor Yuen Writer

Huang Chieh Director of Photography

Yu Siu-fung Editor

Tong Kai Action Director
Huang Pei-Chih Action Director All About Movies © 2020

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