The Battle Wizard

Genre: Action
A brother who loves books and a sister who loves swords must face a yellow-robed warrior, the Red Python, a sinuous snake-charmer, and a silk-masked beauty (who must kill or wed the first man to see her face) before they can bring peace to their battle-addled family.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1977-09-09
Run time: 77 minute / 1:17
Director: Pao Hsueh-Li
Production Company : Shaw Brothers
Production Country: Hong Kong


Danny Lee Sau-Yin
as Prince Tuan Yu
Tanny Tien-Ni
as Mu Wan-Ching / Hsiang Yao-cha
Lin Chen-Chi
as Zhong Ling-erh
Shih Chung-Tien
as Yellow Robe Man
Chiang Tao
as Yue Canglong
Keung Hon
as Sikong Xuan
Wai Wang
as Emperor Tuan Zheng Ming
Si Wai
as Prince Tuan Zhengchun
San Shu-Wa
as Chief Zhong
Gam Lau
as Qin Hongmian
Teresa Ha Ping
as Chief Zhong's wife
Hung Ling-Ling
as Shu Baifeng
Hao Li-Jen
as Tuan Yu's teacher
Leung Seung-Wan
as Emperor's man
Norman Chu
as Emperor's man
Chan Siu-Kai
as Revenger after Xiang Yaocha
Huang Pei-Chih
as Revenger after Xiang Yaocha/bandit
Yuen Shun-Yi
as Imperial guard/Poisonous Moths Clan member
Tino Wong Cheung
as Poisonous Moths Clan member
Corey Yuen
as Poisonous Moths Clan member
Brandy Yuen
as Poisonous Moths Clan member
Alan Chan Kwok-Kuen
as Poisonous Moths Clan member
Yuen Wah
as Poisonous Moths Clan member
Ting Tung
as Poisonous Moths Clan member/soldier
Run Run Shaw Producer

Chiang Hsing-Lung Editor

Louis Cha Story
Ni Kuang Writer

Pao Hsueh-Li Director

Frankie Chan Fan-Kei Music

Yuen Teng-Bong Cinematography

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