The Bloody Escape

Genres: Action, Drama
Gu Hui, a member of the ‘Wolf Head Gang’ becomes unhappy after their new chief decides to abandon their old code of conduct. After the chief kills a travelling family and kidnaps the daughter, Gu frees her and escapes, hiding out in a nearby town and trying to start a new life as a humble shoemaker. Unfortunately, the gang refuses to let him go and put a bounty on his head, forcing him to face up to his responsibilities.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1975-10-25
Run time: 84 minute / 1:24
Directors: Chang Cheh, Sun Chung.
Production Company : Shaw Brothers
Production Country: Hong Kong


Chen Kuan-Tai
as Bandit Gu Hui
Shih Szu
as Tang Li
Wai Wang
as Commissioner Zhang Qin
Wu Chi-Chin
as Wolf Head Gang Chief Du Jian Qiang
Chiang Tao
as Fourth Master
Chan Shen
as Chen Heng
Li Min-Lang
as Xu Sangui
Yeung Chi-Hing
as Old Zhong
Pao Chia-Wen
as Police Captain Bao
Wong Ching-Ho
as Commissioner's assistant
Lei Lung
as Commissioner's assistant
Chen Wo-Fu
as Jinshi
Lau Gong
as bandit who killed Old Zhong
Wang Han-Chen
as shopkeeper
Run Run Shaw Producer

Ni Kuang Writer

Chang Cheh Director
Sun Chung Director

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