Rise of the Guardians

You better believe.

Genres: Animation, Family, Fantasy
When an evil spirit known as Pitch lays down the gauntlet to take over the world, the immortal Guardians must join forces for the first time to protect the hopes, beliefs and imagination of children all over the world.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2012-11-21
Run time: 97 minute / 1:37
Budget: $145,000,000
Revenue: $306,941,670
Director: Peter Ramsey
Writer: David Lindsay-Abaire
Website: http://www.riseoftheguardians.com/
Production Company : DreamWorks Animation
Production Country: United States of America


Chris Pine
as Jack Frost (voice)
Alec Baldwin
as North (voice)
Jude Law
as Pitch (voice)
Isla Fisher
as Tooth (voice)
Hugh Jackman
as E. Aster Bunnymund (voice)
Dakota Goyo
as Jamie (voice)
Khamani Griffin
as Caleb (voice)
Kamil McFadden
as Claude (voice)
Georgie Grieve
as Sophie Bennett (voice)
Emily Nordwind
as Jamie's Mom / Jack's Mother (voice)
Jacob Bertrand
as Monty (voice)
Olivia Mattingly
as Pippa / Jack's Sister (voice)
Dominique Grund
as Cupcake (voice)
April Lawrence
as Burgess Pedestrian (voice)
Ryan Crego
as Burgess Dog Walker
Ryan Crego
as Burgess Dog Walker (voice)
George Anthony Anisimow
as Child (voice)
Peter Ramsey
as Burgess Pedestrian #2 (voice)
Isabella Blake-Thomas
as British Girl (voice)
Stuart Allan
as British Boy (voice)
Rich Dietl
as Yeti (voice)
Peter Ramsey Director

William Joyce Novel
David Lindsay-Abaire Screenplay

Nancy Bernstein Producer
Christina Steinberg Producer

Kendra Vander Vliet Layout

Visual Effects
Jean-Francois Rey Animation

Chris Appelhans Art Department Manager
Simon Rodgers Art Department Manager

Visual Effects
Shane Prigmore Visual Development

Kevin Althans Thanks
Dale Carman Thanks
Frank Pittenger Thanks
Mike Roy Thanks

Guillermo del Toro Executive Producer
Arin Finger Associate Producer
Tom Jacomb Associate Producer
Michael Siegel Executive Producer
Cameron Stevning Associate Producer

Alexandre Desplat Original Music Composer

Joyce Arrastia Editor

Leslee Feldman Casting
Christi Soper Casting

Patrick Marc Hanenberger Production Design
Max Boas Art Direction

Betty Tom Production Accountant

Michael Andrews Additional Editing

Blake Collins Additional Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Liza de Weerd ADR Voice Casting

Diego Ruiz ADR & Dubbing

Barbara Harris ADR Voice Casting

Visual Effects
Steven Hornby Animation Supervisor
Philippe Le Brun Animation Supervisor
David Pate Animation Supervisor
Antony Gray Animation Supervisor
Manuel Almela Animation
Jason Anastas Animation
Kevin Andrus Animation
Manuel Aparicio Animation
Julien Bocabeille Animation
Patrick Bonneau Animation
Joe Bowers Animation
Laurent Caneiro Animation
Kenny Chung Animation
Adam Dotson Animation
W. Jacob Gardner Animation
Steven Pierre Gordon Animation
Tomoyuki Harashima Animation
Martin P. Hopkins Animation
Mariko Hoshi Animation
Rodrigo Huerta Animation
Leif Jeffers Animation
Eric Lees Animation
Tommie Lofqvist Animation
Julie Nelson Animation
Irene Parkins Animation
Tyler Phillips Animation
Antonin Plante Animation
Ron Pucherelli Animation
Marco Regina Animation
Jalil Sadool Animation
Henry G. Sanchez Animation
Joe Sandstrom Animation
Juan Pablo Sans Animation
Tal Shwarzman Animation
Mike Stern Animation
David Torres Animation
Theodore Anthony Lee Ty Animation
Tim Watts Animation
Benjamin Willis Animation
Chris Bancroft Animation
Peer Lemmers Animation
Ares Deveaux Animation
Andrew Harkins Animation

Jake Isaacs Art Department Coordinator

Christine Lojko Haslett Assistant Editor
David M. Poole Assistant Editor
C.K. Horness Associate Editor

Brittany Cope Casting Assistant
Mollie Gamo Casting Assistant

David C. Lawson CG Supervisor

David C. Lawson Lighting Supervisor

Visual Effects
Takao Noguchi Character Designer
Alena Bejenarou Creature Technical Director
Stephen Candell Creature Technical Director
Martin Costello Creature Technical Director
David Drell Creature Technical Director
Valentina Ercolani Creature Technical Director
Li-Lian Ku Creature Technical Director
Kevin Rodgers Creature Technical Director
Wade Ryer Creature Technical Director
Gaurav Shenai Creature Technical Director
Javier Solsona Creature Technical Director
Igor Stefanovic Creature Technical Director
Michael Leon Ware Creature Technical Director
Andrew Anderson Creature Technical Director
Won Young Byun Creature Technical Director
Yukinori Inagaki Creature Technical Director
Davide La Sala Creature Technical Director

Harry Muller Color Timer

Daniel McGraw Conceptual Design
Simon Rodgers Conceptual Design
Christian Scheurer Conceptual Design

Michael Allen Original Music Composer
Alexandre Desplat Orchestrator

Brandon Holmes Art Department Coordinator

Visual Effects
Rachel Tiep-Daniels Visual Development

Jessica Gallavan Dialogue Editor

Visual Effects
Nishok Alagesan Digital Compositors

James Beshears Executive In Charge Of Post Production

Balaji Alahari Systems Administrators & Support
Scott Chapin Systems Administrators & Support
Glenn Lamb Systems Administrators & Support
Daniel Rich Systems Administrators & Support

Vicki Hunter Finance
Ariga Parseghian Finance
Terri Anderson Finance

Vivek 'Vic' Sharma First Assistant Editor

Andrew Bock First Assistant Sound Editor
Linda Yeaney First Assistant Sound Editor
Alyson Dee Moore Foley
John Roesch Foley
Kyle Rochlin Foley
Mary Jo Lang Foley

Jemson Montefalcon Systems Administrators & Support

Visual Effects
Bob Davies Lead Animator
Pierre Perifel Lead Animator

Pierre Perifel Supervising Animator

Visual Effects
Alexis Wanneroy Lead Animator

Aneel Ramanath Lighting Artist
Ashin Ashroff Lighting Artist
Javed Iqbal Shaikh Lighting Artist
Sharanya Viswamani Lighting Artist
Adarsh Abraham Lighting Artist
Clint Colver Lighting Artist
Kirsten Drummond Lighting Artist
Kevin Edwards Lighting Artist
Julien Forest Lighting Artist
Dorien Gunnels Lighting Artist
Oth Khotsimeuang Lighting Artist
Matthew Kiefer Lighting Artist
Soo Kyung Kim Lighting Artist
Jennifer Leigh King Lighting Artist
Linhan Li Lighting Artist
Jonathan Fletcher Moore Lighting Artist
Nitin Punchail Lighting Artist
Afonso Salcedo Lighting Artist
Hannah Sherman Lighting Artist
Jung Jin Song Lighting Artist
Amy Rebecca Tucker Lighting Artist
Emily Yi Lighting Artist
Matthieu Grospiron Lighting Artist
Dennis Recchia Lighting Artist
Sonja Burchard Lighting Supervisor
Archie Donato Lighting Supervisor
Susan Hayden Lighting Supervisor
Annmarie Koenig Lighting Supervisor
Betsy Nofsinger Lighting Supervisor

Tom Burns Mix Technician

Visual Effects
Ki Jong Hong Modeling
Vaibhav Shah Modeling

Joe E. Rand Music Editor
Andrew Dudman Scoring Mixer

Andrew Dudman Score Engineer
Shawn Bohonos Systems Administrators & Support
Dave Dinsmore Systems Administrators & Support
Dj Downey Systems Administrators & Support
Alireza Estakhrian Systems Administrators & Support
Othieno Okong'o Systems Administrators & Support
Julio C. Talavera Systems Administrators & Support

Conrad Pope Orchestrator
Roy Latham ADR & Dubbing
Tighe Sheldon ADR & Dubbing
Carlos Sotolongo ADR & Dubbing

Alex Cardullo Post Production Assistant
Chris Hewitt Post Production Assistant
David Farley Post Production Supervisor

Jacquelyn Robbins Production Accountant

Gustav Lindquist Editorial Production Assistant

Swetha Madhavan Production Coordinator

Visual Effects
Ashima Taneja Arora Animation Department Coordinator
Rafael Garrido VFX Production Coordinator
Nandhini Giri VFX Production Coordinator

Loni J. Albertson Production Coordinator
Lauren Blackshear Production Coordinator
Alyson Blume Production Coordinator
Samantha Finkler Production Coordinator
Nandhini Giri Production Coordinator
Steph Gortz Production Coordinator
Deepak Kumar Production Coordinator
Tim Kwan Production Coordinator
Andrew Marshel Production Coordinator
Kristen Murtha Production Coordinator
Kelvin J. Padfield Production Coordinator
Renae Radford Production Coordinator
Lynelle Saunders Production Coordinator
Cathy Sitzes Production Coordinator
Joanna Lynne Smith Production Coordinator
Susan Thampi Production Coordinator
Curtis W. Thompson Production Coordinator
Beth Hofer Executive In Charge Of Production
Bonnie Lemon Executive In Charge Of Production
Ryan Harris Production Manager
Spencer Filichia Production Supervisor
April Lawrence Production Supervisor
Camille Leganza Production Supervisor
Alex Loots Production Supervisor
Kelly Matthews Production Supervisor
Peter McCown Production Supervisor
Mary M. Quinn Production Supervisor
Rachnatp Production Supervisor
Cindy Azada Whitman Production Supervisor
Debbie G. Yu Production Supervisor

Visual Effects
Brendan O’Connor Animation Supervisor

Sean Cole Production Supervisor
Kara Oropallo Production Supervisor
Laura Hofmann Production Supervisor

Visual Effects
Melissa Beery Animation Supervisor

David Hail Publicist

Malik Coates Software Engineer
Brendan Duncan Software Engineer
Morgwn McCarty Software Engineer
Jennifer Smith Software Engineer

Andy Nelson Sound Re-Recording Mixer
James Bolt Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Jules Woods Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Brent Villalobos Software Engineer
Margaret A. Decker Software Engineer

Richard King Sound Designer
Richard King Supervising Sound Editor
Paul Berolzheimer Sound Effects Editor
Roland N. Thai Sound Effects Editor
Tom Lalley Sound Recordist

Visual Effects
Darren Webb Visual Development

Rain Angeles Systems Administrators & Support
Greg Gibson Systems Administrators & Support
John O'Sullivan Systems Administrators & Support

Ariandy Chandra Title Designer

Visual Effects
Zhaoping Wei Visual Development
Scott Cegielski Visual Effects
Zach Glynn Visual Effects
Shaun Graham Visual Effects
Kyle Maxwell Visual Effects
Devank Patel Visual Effects
Jason Rickwald Visual Effects
Ben Sutherland Visual Effects
Ji Hyun Yoon Visual Effects
Evrim Akyilmaz VFX Artist
Benjamin Andersen VFX Artist
Dustin Anderson VFX Artist
Shinsaku Arima VFX Artist
Greg Beckman VFX Artist
Markus Burki VFX Artist
N. Joseph Burnette VFX Artist
Wes Chilton VFX Artist
Stephen Timothy Cooney VFX Artist
Tyson Erze VFX Artist
Terry Kaleas VFX Artist
Robert Kopinsky VFX Artist
Jaemin Lee VFX Artist
Mark Newport VFX Artist
Heribert Raab VFX Artist
Lana Chen Sun VFX Artist
Mark Theriault VFX Artist
Ty Thomson VFX Artist
Baptiste Van Opstal VFX Artist
Zubin Wadia VFX Artist
Brian Walters VFX Artist
Katie Van Maanen VFX Artist
David Prescott Visual Effects Supervisor
Alessandro Pepe Visual Effects Technical Director
Steven Hornby Lead Animator
Philippe Le Brun Lead Animator
David Pate Lead Animator
Antony Gray Lead Animator
Swetha Madhavan Animation Department Coordinator

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