Pacific Blackout

Anything and everything can---and does happen---in the most timely drama you have ever thrilled to!

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Falsely convicted of murder, young Robert Draper (Robert Preston) escapes custody during a practice blackout drill. Under cover of darkness, Draper hopes to find the real killer, who turns out to be a member of a Nazi sabotage ring. Completed shortly before America entered WW2.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1941-12-31
Run time: 76 minute / 1:16
Director: Ralph Murphy
Writers: Lester Cole, W. P. Lipscomb.
Production Company : Paramount
Production Country: United States of America



Robert Preston
as Robert Draper
Martha O'Driscoll
as Mary Jones
Philip Merivale
as John Runnell
Eva Gabor
as Marie Duval
Louis Jean Heydt
as Harold Kermin
Thurston Hall
as Williams
Mary Treen
as Irene
J. Edward Bromberg
as Pickpocket
Spencer Charters
as Cornelius
Cy Kendall
as Hotel Clerk
Russell Hicks
as Commanding Officer
Paul Stanton
as Judge
Clem Bevans
as Midas Plant Night-Watchman
Robert Emmett Keane
as Defense Attorney
Edwin Maxwell
as District attorney
Rod Cameron
as Pilot
Margaret Armstrong
as Telephone Operator Supervisor
Sam Ash
as Official Announcer
Warren Ashe
as Officious Doctor
John Banner
Monte Blue
as Colonel
Stanley Blystone
as Sergeant
Wade Boteler
as Cop
William Cabanne
as Radio Operator
Jack Chapin
as Corporal
Wallis Clark
as Pompous Doctor
Kernan Cripps
as Suspicious Cafe Cop
Laurie Douglas
as Girl
Ralph Dunn
as Cop
Edward Earle
as Army Major
Jack Egan
as Interne
George Eldredge
as Police Dispatcher
Jim Farley
as Cop
Betty Farrington
as Dance Club Woman
Martin Faust
as Announcer
Julia Faye
as Dance Club Woman
Bess Flowers
as Cascade Club Dancer
Bud Geary
as Air Raid Warden
Chuck Hamilton
as Air Raid Warden
John Hamilton
as Police Captain
Harry Harvey Jr.
as Kid at Bomb
Edward Hearn
as Sergeant
Len Hendry
as Sentry
Al Hill
as Cop #2 in Cafe
Robert Homans
as Police Desk Sergeant
Arthur Stuart Hull
as Co-Pilot
Gladden James
as Clerk
Eddie Kane
as Headwaiter
John Kellogg
as Bombardier Sergeant
Fred Kelsey
as Cop
Louise La Planche
as Salesgirl
Nora Lane
as Nurse in Bomb Shelter
Peter Leeds
as Air Raid Warden
George Lloyd
as Cop
Jack Luden
as Engineer
George Magrill
as Soldier
Charles McAvoy
as Cop
Sammy McKim
as Kid at Bomb
Patrick McVey
as Police Radio Operator
Paul McVey
as Civil Defense Official
George Melford
as Banker in Park
Howard M. Mitchell
as Bailiff
Frank Moran
as Companion of Injured Criminal in Black Maria
Jack Norton
as Drunk
Frank O'Connor
as Fire Chief
Ted Oliver
as Sergeant
Edward Peil Sr.
as Air Raid Warden
Jessie Perry
as Woman in Park
Ralph Peters
as Soldier
Lee Phelps
as Cop
Rose Plumer
as Woman in Street
Jack Randall
as Interne
Rebel Randall
as Civil Defense Girl on Truck
Keith Richards
as Interne
Jack Roberts
as Minor Executive at Defense Headquarters
Henry Roquemore
as Businessman
Dick Rush
as Cop
Fred Santley
as Injured Prisoner
Francis Sayles
as Court Clerk
John Sheehan
as Sergeant
Lee Shumway
as Cop
Walter Shumway
as Bomb Shelter Official
Eleanor Stewart
as Secretary
Harry Strang
as Gas Officer
George Turner
as Soldier
Archie Twitchell
as Suspicious Cafe Waiter
Frank Wayne
as Military Police Sergeant
Richard Webb
as Interne
Gloria Williams
as Dance Club Woman
Robert Winkler
as Kid at Bomb
Arthur Yeoman
as Prison Wagon Driver
Curt Siodmak Story

Sol C. Siegel Producer

Franz Schulz Story

Gerard Carbonara Music

Theodor Sparkuhl Director of Photography

Lester Cole Screenplay

Ralph Murphy Director

W. P. Lipscomb Screenplay

Thomas Scott Editor

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