Shih Szu

With parents coming from Hunan (Henan), originally named Lei Qiu-Si, Shih Szu was born in Taiwan. She joined Shaw Brothers in 1970 and appearing as a martial arts heroine. Acclaimed by a wide range of audience, Shaw Brothers regarded her as the next Cheng Pei-Pei. As such she appeared in many martial arts movies which included "The Rescue", "The Lady Hermit", "Heroes of Sung", "The Villains", "The Bloody Scape" and "Lady of the Law" etc. Her agility and skills established her position as one of the top female martial arts stars. After starring in "A Deadly Secret" in 1980, she left Hong Kong and continued her filming career in Taiwan. She retired from the limelight in early 80s.


林投姐 (1988)
Chinese Evil Technique (1985)
邪花劫 (1983)
as Joyce Ho
龍女下凡 (1982)
Shui yue shi san dao (1982)
Sha bao xiong di (1982)
地獄來的女人 (1981)
功夫皇 (1981)
as Lady in brothel
金劍殘骨令 (1980)
Ci ke lie zhuan (1980)
as Yan Yan
少林英雄 (1980)
as Princess
连城诀 (1980)
as Ling Seung Wa
玄機 (1980)
風流斷劍小小刀 (1979)
as Liu Yinxu
斷劍無情 (1979)
人在江湖 (1979)
冷血十三鷹 (1978)
as Siu Fung
笑傲江湖 (1978)
as Bai Yingying "Sacred Lady"
陸小鳳之繡花大盜 (1978)
as Jiang Qingxia, 3rd Sister
清宮大刺殺 (1978)
as Na Lan
Di san ba fei dao (1978)
明月刀雪夜歼仇 (1977)
as Ma's daughter
白玉老虎 (1977)
as Tang Yue
海軍突擊隊 (1977)
as Cui Hsia
少林寺 (1976)
as Yen Yung-chun
香港奇案 (1976)
as Jenny
Ma ko Po lo (1975)
as Mrs Zu
Tao wang (1975)
as Tang Li
新啼笑姻緣 (1975)
as Guan Xiu-Zhu
女捕快 (1975)
as Leng Rushuang
The Hookers and the Hustlers (1975)
Fists of Fire (1975)
as Herself
The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974)
as Hsi Mai-Kwei
The Cheeky Little Angels (1974)
as Nightclub visitor
香港73 (1974)
as Teacher
Tai ji quan (1974)
as Ah Jen
龍虎會風雲 (1973)
as Hong-Erh/Meng Hong
Crash! Che botte... strippo strappo stroppio (1973)
as Suzy
The Villains (1973)
as Lin Xiao Hong
豪客 (1973)
as Chin Chu
霹靂拳 (1972)
as Die Er
黑店 (1972)
as Zhang Caibing
群英會 (1972)
as 1) Ying Ying
Xiao du long (1972)
as Li Bao Zhu, the "Young Avenger"
血酒天牢 (1971)
as Bai Yaerh
血符門 (1971)
as Chiang Shang-Ching
鍾馗娘子 (1971)
as Cui Ping
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