Ng Hong-Sang


玻璃鎗的愛 (1995)
神探POWER之問米追兇 (1994)
as Friend of Little Fish
龍之爭霸 (1989)
皇家飛鳳 (1989)
義膽紅唇 (1988)
as Gives guns to Dick Lee
義蓋雲天 (1986)
as Addict Hung
奇緣 (1986)
教頭發威 (1985)
as Soldier
魔界 (1982)
三十年細說從頭 (1982)
as Hairy Can
飛屍 (1981)
as Wong Tong
Qing xia zhui feng jian (1980)
as Ningzhi's cousin
Bui bun si mun (1980)
as Dai Xiong
請帖 (1980)
as Panda (One of the Four Killers)
風流斷劍小小刀 (1979)
as Dr Guo's hanger-on
Za ji wang ming dui (1979)
as Deputy Zhang
Gui jiao chun (1979)
奪棍 (1979)
as Eagle Mansion man
殺絕 (1978)
as Sire's swordsman
笑傲江湖 (1978)
as Lao Denuo
多情劍客無情劍 (1977)
as Yun's invited hero
猩猩王 (1977)
as Dr. Ah Pi, anthropologist
三少爺的劍 (1977)
as Leader of 4 Swift swords
乾隆下江南 (1977)
as Officer collecting tax
白玉老虎 (1977)
as Zhao clan member
老爺車縱火謀殺案 (1977)
as Wong King Sun
阿Sir毒后老虎槍 (1977)
佛跳牆 (1977)
as Villager
She wang zi (1976)
as Snake General
天涯明月刀 (1976)
as Hsia Yi
神打 (1975)
as Jiu
屍蠱艷譚 (1975)
as Nuo's Colleague
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