Shum Lo

Place of birth:
Hunan Province, China:


肝膽相照 (1987)
as Chui's father-in-law
Pursuit of a Killer (1985)
as Brother San
霹靂十傑 (1985)
as Teacher
教頭發威 (1985)
as Villager
少年蘇乞兒 (1985)
as Bank manager
錦衣衛 (1984)
as Chao clan member
至尊一劍 (1984)
as Uncle Shum
Hung kuen dai see (1984)
as Villager
日劫 (1983)
as Royal Painter
三闖少林 (1983)
as Tavern boss
天蠶變 (1983)
as Thundering Prognosticator
掌門人 (1983)
as Wah Chaing Martial Arts Ass. member
鹿鼎記 (1983)
as Han prince
大俠沈勝衣 (1983)
as Manager of Happy Forest
小子有種 (1982)
as Boss at eatery
如來神掌 (1982)
as Jia Ru of Dark Moon Clan
鬼畫符 (1982)
as Magistrate
人皮燈籠 (1982)
as Restaurant Boss
三十年細說從頭 (1982)
as Movie producer
Chong xiao lou (1982)
as Mr. Xu
武松 (1982)
as Mr Hu
血鸚鵡 (1981)
as Innkeeper
書劍恩仇錄 (1981)
as Ma Shan Chun
Challenge of the Gamesters (1981)
as Jiu
A Bride's Nightmare (1981)
屍妖 (1981)
as Mr. Ma
Gambler's Delight (1981)
as Pak Hok Kuen
陸小鳳之決戰前後 (1981)
as Hermit Pine
無翼蝙蝠 (1980)
as Waiter
打蛇 (1980)
as Refugee's relative
as Old Man fishing at pond
通天小子紅槍客 (1980)
as Restaurant manager
Die xian (1980)
as Mr. Wang
乾隆皇與三姑娘 (1980)
as Eunuch Ho Te-Ching
銷魂玉 (1979)
as Qin Zhen-He
風流斷劍小小刀 (1979)
as Boss Luo
Ma fung gwai kuen (1979)
as Ah San's father
出籠馬騮 (1979)
as Restaurant owner
色慾與純情 (1979)
as Uncle Zhong
茅山殭屍拳 (1979)
as Restaurant boss
軍閥趣史 (1979)
as Opera manager
圓月彎刀 (1979)
as 3rd Master's servant
倚天屠龍記大結局 (1978)
as Chiu Ming's fighter
倚天屠龍記 (1978)
as Chiu Ming's fighter
五毒 (1978)
as Fruit vendor
蕭十一郎 (1978)
as Doctor Fei
倫文敘與沙三少 (1978)
乾隆下揚州 (1978)
as Flower Draw's manager
烏龍濟公 (1978)
as Wang Xiao Bao's father
陆小凤传奇之绣花大盗 (1978)
as One of Lu's friends
少林三十六房 (1978)
as Abbot in charge of Dining Hlal
清宮大刺殺 (1978)
as Emperor's bodyguard
明月刀雪夜歼仇 (1977)
as Ding Qiu
紅樓春夢 (1977)
as Grandfather
金玉良緣紅樓夢 (1977)
as Imperial Edit's reader
多情劍客無情劍 (1977)
as Hua Feng
三少爺的劍 (1977)
as Ferryman for Divine Sword Mansion
乾隆下江南 (1977)
as Man offer to pay tax for Qing
洪熙官 (1977)
as Uncle Fang
少林寺 (1976)
as Shaolin Master of Library
騙財騙色 (1976)
as (segment "Deadly Injections")
Kong woo ji dai (1976)
as Yu / 3rd Uncle Cai
乾隆皇奇遇記 (1976)
as Chief Eunuch Jing An
死囚 (1976)
as Man in Sheng's house
飛龍斬 (1976)
as Mr. Shum
瀛台泣血 (1976)
as Eunuch Wang Shang
Ding Yi Shan (1976)
as Inn Clerk
Miao Miao Nu Lang (1975)
神打 (1975)
as Bun/Noodle stall boss
鬼話連篇 (1975)
as (segment "The Cold Skeleton")
Di shi da lao (1975)
as Uncle Tsang
傾國傾城 (1975)
as Eunuch Wang Shang
攝青鬼 (1975)
as Doctor Chang
聲色犬馬 (1974)
as Mahjong gambler
朱門怨 (1974)
as Doctor Zhou
鬼馬小天使 (1974)
as Nightclub visitor
黃飛鴻義取丁財炮 (1974)
as Uncle Bing
香港73 (1974)
as Mr Hui
豔女還魂 (1974)
as Priest
大刀王五 (1973)
as Tong's friend at brothel
一樂也 (1973)
as Mr Hua
大海盜 (1973)
as Casino clerk
盗兵符 (1973)
as Master Lin
霹靂拳 (1972)
as Gin Chi's villager
太陰指 (1972)
as Inn-keeper
水滸傳 (1972)
as Chief clerk Chang
馬永貞 (1972)
as Tea house owner
夕陽戀人 (1971)
as Uncle Li
六刺客 (1971)
as Minister Cui Yin
新獨臂刀 (1971)
as Blacksmith Ba
夜合花 (1971)
愛情的代價 (1970)
as Grandfather Chuang
那個不多情 (1970)
as Uncle Suen
噴火美人魚 (1970)
as Village Chief Wang
女俠賣人頭 (1970)
as Master Jin
玉女親情 (1970)
as Boozard
飛刀手 (1969)
as Uncle Fan Kun
Shen dao (1968)
as Uncle Chung/Li Rong
拜倒石榴裙 (1968)
as Father Ding
奪魂鈴 (1968)
as Pays Ye for a hit
怪俠 (1968)
as Village Chief
青春鼓王 (1967)
as Uncle Chang
新陳三五娘 (1967)
as Uncle Li
艷陽天 (1967)
as Chen Yu Shan
鐵頭皇帝 (1967)
as Lord Yuen
神劍震江湖 (1967)
as Tak Mong
琴劍恩仇 (1967)
as Martial arts expert invited by Hu
烽火萬里情 (1967)
as Bing Shen
慾海情魔 (1967)
as Mei's bar manager
女巡按 (1967)
as Magistrate Zhou
野姑娘 (1966)
as Uncle Ma
大醉俠 (1966)
as Jade Faced Tiger's #5
何日君再來 (1966)
as Hsueh-Ling's uncle All About Movies © 2020

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