Lee Sau-Kei



暗戰 (1999)
as Mr Cheung's doctor
Pan ni qing yuan (1995)
起尾注 (1990)
as Police Officer Chan
Eat a Bowl of Tea (1989)
as Bok Fat
同根生 (1989)
第一把交椅 (1983)
小子有種 (1982)
as Village elder
Friend 過打 Band (1982)
as Doctor
碧血劍 (1981)
as Mu Ren Qing
屍妖 (1981)
as Doctor
as Doctor
殘酷姦殺案 (1979)
軍閥趣史 (1979)
as Nou Strength
鴻勝蔡李佛 (1979)
as Wan Sek's father
霹靂殺手 (1979)
as Li Shou Chi
老夫子奇趣錄 (1978)
as Mr. Gu
倚天屠龍記 (1978)
as Chu Chang Ling
倫文敘與沙三少 (1978)
烏龍濟公 (1978)
as Rich man
血芙蓉 (1978)
as Scholar Wan
清宮大刺殺 (1978)
as Executed Jiang Nan official
愛慾狂潮 (1978)
多情劍客無情劍 (1977)
as Zhu Ge Lei
入冊 (1977)
猩猩王 (1977)
as Views Peking Man at stadium
千里單騎追兇 (1977)
Ren she shu (1977)
as Lawyer Chen
海軍突擊隊 (1977)
as Japanese Admiral
少林寺 (1976)
as Shaolin master
五毒天羅 (1976)
as Master Zhou
Kong woo ji dai (1976)
as Uncle Pang
天涯明月刀 (1976)
as Peacock Mansion key holder
Beautiful Vixen (1976)
as Mr Huang
飛龍斬 (1976)
as Fisherman
神打 (1975)
as Innkeeper
屍蠱艷譚 (1975)
as Uncle Feng
鬼話連篇 (1975)
as Fourth Uncle (segment "The Cold Skeleton")
神化外母古惑妻 (1975)
Two Con Men (1975)
as Master Hong, Chan's uncle
血滴子 (1975)
as Chen Lie
鏢旗飛揚 (1975)
as Chief Fang (Eagle Escort's boss)
成記茶樓 (1974)
as Uncle Han
朱門怨 (1974)
as Poor tenant
黃飛鴻義取丁財炮 (1974)
as Boss Wu Ji Chang
香港73 (1974)
as Uncle Wu
慾魔 (1974)
as Lawyer Huang
大刀王五 (1973)
as Reformist in prison
七十二家房客 (1973)
as Wo Kee
毒女 (1973)
as Night club manager
落叶飞刀 (1972)
as Mr. Yan
落叶飞刀 (1972)
as Yan Zi Fei's father
影子神鞭 (1971)
as Xu Shanhu
女殺手 (1971)
as Tianli's father
小煞星 (1970)
as Police commander
鬼門關 (1970)
as Wang San-Yeh
女俠賣人頭 (1970)
as Dr Chang Kuo-Yang
五虎屠龍 (1970)
as Lung's servant
雙喜臨門 (1970)
as King of Hell
殺機 (1970)
as Mr Wei
人頭馬 (1969)
as Inspector Wang Huan-Wen
虎膽 (1969)
as Old Monster
英雄本色 (1967)
as So Wong Kuen
Yuan lai wo fu qing (1965)
as Party guest
Xuehua shenjian (1964)
鬼兇手 (1964)
as Priest
鬼新娘 (1964)

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