Tanny Tien-Ni

Tanny Tien-Ni (Chinese: 恬妮 ) is a Taiwanese actrees. Born in Shanghai in 1948 and raised in Taiwan. She studied Beijing Opera and in 1967 formally entered the entertainment word after being named 'Sweater Princess' in a local beauty pageant. After appearing in Taiwanese television series, she made her film debut in "Sword of Endurance". In 1972 signed a contract with Shaw Brothers. Li Han-Hsiang appreciated her special brand of sex appeal and cast her in "Illicit Desire" (1973). Its box office success led to her starring in a number of Li-directed erotic films. Trivia: Married to actor classic wu xia actor Yueh Hua in 1975. Her younger sister Tien Niu was also a major Shaw Brothers star of the 1970s.


Cinema Hong Kong: The Beauties of the Shaw Studio (2003)
as Herself
飆城 (1988)
Bitter Taste of Blood (1988)
陷阱邊沿 (1988)
as Wife
替槍老豆 (1985)
as Yuan Kwun's mother
何必有我? (1985)
as Koko's mother
My Mind, Your Body (1985)
天官賜福 (1985)
as Empress Dowager
連體 (1984)
as Mrs Kei Ching Yi
追鬼七雄 (1983)
as Innkeeper's Wife
楊過與小龍女 (1983)
as Li Mochou
細圈仔 (1982)
Ren pi deng long (1982)
as Lee Chin
屍妖 (1981)
as Madame Lan
as Chan Sau Ying / Chan Sau Fong
Chorakhe (1979)
as Angela
Tian long ba bu (1977)
as Mu Wan-Ching / Hsiang Yao-cha
风花雪月 (1977)
as Cai Feng
Gou hun jiang tou (1976)
as Li Cui Ling
鱷潭群英會 (1976)
as Jenny
Xianggang shi lihun 香港式離婚 (1976)
天涯明月刀 (1976)
as Mingyue Hsin 'Moonlight Heart'
香港奇案 (1976)
as Tanny
鐵漢柔情 (1975)
as Yip Fung
拍案驚奇 (1975)
as Pan Chiao-Yin
屍蠱艷譚 (1975)
as Luo Yin
傾國傾城 (1975)
as Li Chieh
無奇不有 (1975)
Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (1975)
as Mi Ling Fong
A Haunted House (1975)
金三角 (1975)
as Hangson Wu
捉鼠記 (1974)
as Anna Fang
Yan ku shen tan (1974)
as Lei
啼笑夫妻 (1974)
as Miss Lam
綽頭狀元 (1974)
as Pauline Hsin
金瓶雙艷 (1974)
as Mrs. Hua/Li Ping Erh
賭鬼 (1974)
一樂也 (1973)
as Xiao Hong/Ma Xing Feng/Head Nurse Fong
夜生活的女人 (1973)
as Lin Yu-Jia
雷風雨 (1973)
應召女郎 (1973)
唐人客 (1972)
as Chan Ying Ying
五虎摧花 (1972)
Gai shi dao wang (1969)
李三娘 (1969)
Xue niang (1969)
Hong yi xia nu (1968)

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