Shawn Dou

Place of birth:
Xi'an, China:
Shawn Dou is a Chinese-Canadian actor. He won recognition soon after Zhang Yimou's movie The Love of the Hawthorn Tree in 2010 and received numerous awards with co-star Zhou Dongyu.


天·火 (2019)
as Zheng Nan
日月 (2019)
as Hou Yi
六人晚餐 (2016)
On Wings of Eagles (2016)
as Xu Niu
一切都好 (2016)
新步步惊心 (2015)
as Yin Ti (4th Prince)
破風 (2015)
我是女王 (2015)
as Mark
狼图腾 (2015)
as Yang Ke
城市游戏 (2014)
as Web
危險關係 (2012)
as Dai Wenzhou
大追捕 (2012)
as young Wong Yuen-yeung
倾城之泪 (2012)
as Chen Sheng
金陵十三釵 (2011)
as Chinese Soldier
Racer Legend (2011)
as Ye Haocheng
秋之白华 (2011)
山楂树之恋 (2010)
as Sun Jianxin All About Movies © 2020

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