Hung Ling-Ling


Yan gui fa kuang (1984)
as Headmistress
知法犯法 (1981)
Die xian (1980)
as Nurse
She xing zui bu (1980)
as Prostitute
圓月彎刀 (1979)
as Xiao's maid
倚天屠龍記大結局 (1978)
as Kwan Lun School Madam
倚天屠龍記 (1978)
as Kwan Lun School Madam
蕭十一郎 (1978)
as One of 12 Flower servants of Yihua Palace
倫文敘與沙三少 (1978)
殺絕 (1978)
as Prostitute
笑傲江湖 (1978)
as Nun Huixin
明月刀雪夜歼仇 (1977)
as Cleaning lady
血海螳螂仇 (1977)
as Hsiao Tsui
Tian long ba bu (1977)
as Shu Baifeng
海軍突擊隊 (1977)
as Cui Hsia's maid
我係老夫子 (1976)
as Manager Chiu's girlfriend
天涯明月刀 (1976)
as Fei's hired courtesan
十字路口 (1976)
毒女 (1973)
as Club girl
顶天立地 (1973)
as Prostitute in rickshaw
愛奴 (1972)
as Prostitute
落叶飞刀 (1972)
as Hong Ying
仙女下凡 (1972)
as Party guest
鳳飛飛 (1971)
as Brothel girl
火併 (1971)
as Prostitute
愛情大拍賣 (1970)
as Nurse
三笑 (1969)
as Fair Jade
嫦娥奔月 (1966)
as Fairy
西厢记 (1965)
as Lady Cui's maid
千嬌百媚 (1961)
as Dancer All About Movies © 2020

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