Gary Chan Ga-Fai

Place of birth:
Hong Kong, China:
Chan Ga-fai was born in Hong Kong in 1973. He graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering of the Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute and worked as a project supervisor in the Government Engineering Development Department. A cell phone advertisement was taken a year later, so in September 1986, it was owned by TVB and became a contract artist of the Asian Television Department. At the beginning of the trip, he was the host of the "430 Space Shuttle" as a children's program. When the company started shooting the new social comedy "Urban Formula", it was selected as the first male protagonist. Also he is Bomei Publishing House writer. Master of Philosophy, University of Hong Kong. The novels include


激戰 (2013)
as Dani's father
寒戰 (2012)
as Kelvin Chang
獄中龍 (1990) All About Movies © 2020

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