Baoqiang Wang

Place of birth:
Xingtai,Hebei Province,China:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wang Baoqiang (simplified Chinese: 王宝强; traditional Chinese: 王寶強; pinyin: Wáng Bǎoqiáng; born May 29, 1984) is a Chinese actor. His debut role was that of Yuan Fengming in the movie Blind Shaft, for which he shared the Best New Performer prize at the 2003 Golden Horse Awards with Megan Zheng.The same role also won him the Best Actor prize at the 2003 Deauville Asian Film Festival and 2004 Golden Kinnaree Award (Bangkok International Film Festival).


唐人街探案3 (2020)
as Tang Ren
新喜剧之王 (2019)
as Ma Ke
冰封侠:时空行者 (2018)
as Sao
一出好戏 (2018)
as 小王
祖宗十九代 (2018)
as Er Dang Jia
唐人街探案2 (2018)
as Tang Ren
反转人生 (2017)
as Megaton (voice)
大闹天竺 (2017)
唐人街探案 (2015)
as Tang Ren
不可思异 (2015)
as Tang Liguo
道士下山 (2015)
as He Anxia
微爱之渐入佳境 (2014)
一個人的武林 (2014)
as Fung Yu-Sau
冰封俠:重生之門 (2014)
as Sao
私人订制 (2013)
天注定 (2013)
as Zhou San
非常幸运 (2013)
as Weapons auction buyer
激戰 (2013)
as Boss Chen
越来越好之村晚 (2013)
人再囧途之泰囧 (2012)
as Wang Bao
毒戰 (2012)
as The Dumb Brothers' Follower
追凶 (2012)
as Wu Zaijun
高海拔之戀 II (2012)
as Zhang Xing
Hello! 树先生 (2011)
as Shu
蔡李佛拳 (2011)
as Danny
最爱 (2011)
as Blabber
人在囧途 (2010)
as Geng Niu
East Wind Rain (2010)
火龍對決 (2010)
as Huang Yong
大兵小将 (2010)
as Exploration reporter
Bright Future (2009)
建国大业 (2009)
李米的猜想 (2008)
as Qiu Shui Tian
集结号 (2007)
as Sniper Jiang Maocai
天下无贼 (2004)
as Sha Gen
盲井 (2003)
as Yuan Fengming
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