Sam Lee

Place of birth:
Hong Kong, China:
Sam Lee Chan-Sam (born September 27, 1975) is an actor from Hong Kong, China. He started his film career when he was first spotted by director Fruit Chan who cast him in Made in Hong Kong. Since his debut, Sam has been working hard on many films. In 1999, he made thirteen films in that year alone. He appeared in a Japanese film Ping Pong as one of the contestants in the movie. Sam Lee is best known for the role of Sha Jang in the epic series of The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra (2002). Outside of his film career, Sam is a seasonal member of a metal/hip-hop band Lazy Mutha Fucka (LMF) where he is the rapper. Sam Lee is also known as DJ Becareful. Description above from the Wikipedia article Sam Lee (actor), licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.


犯罪现场 (2019)
as Clark Auyeung
掃毒2 天地對決 (2019)
家和萬事驚 (2019)
as Agent de protection de l'environnement
武林怪獸 (2018)
as Lord of the Beggars
Love.Revolution (2018)
淪落人 (2018)
as Cheung Fai
审判者1 (2018)
洩密者們 (2018)
神秘寶藏 (2017)
明月幾時有 (2017)
as Spy
北京遇上西雅图之不二情书 (2016)
as Gangster
Good Take! (2016)
惡人谷 (2016)
as Sergent Ng Sue-Hei
港囧 (2015)
as Policeman
迷城 (2015)
as Yan
那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅VAN (2014)
as Blind Fai
六福喜事 (2014)
as Sam
衝鋒戰警 (2013)
as Chow Kong Hon
Man of Tai Chi (2013)
as Tak Ming
The Loan Shark (2011)
as Ah Long
戰·無雙 (2009)
as Chung Tin
ตอกตราผี (2009)
嚇死你 (2008)
as Au Gan
Prisoner 701: Sasori (2008)
as Cyonron
夜·上海 (2007)
as Xiao Shen
双子神偷 (2007)
as Officer Lam
呖咕呖咕对对碰 (2007)
as Sam
危險人物 (2007)
as Fai
男兒本色 (2007)
as Ho Wing Keung
狗咬狗 (2006)
as Inspector Wai
Tam tam ching suet suet sing (2006)
B420 (2005)
as Willy
龍咁威2之皇母娘娘呢? (2005)
as Hei
Piao yi xiong jian (2005)
神經俠侶 (2005)
as Sam
三岔口 (2005)
as Leung Tak
血胎换骨 (2004)
as Jetso
甜絲絲 (2004)
as Fi Auyeung
我要做Model (2004)
as Condom
旺角黑夜 (2004)
as Franky
Daai baan taat yat chaan (2004)
大佬愛美麗 (2004)
as Gay Man (cameo)
1:99 電影行動 (2003)
as 2)
龍咁威 2003 (2003)
as Ng Sue-Hei
賭俠之人定勝天 (2003)
Yi wu liang huo (2003)
我要結婚 (2003)
as Wayne
Bai cuo shen (2003)
Fatal Training Course (2003)
阴阳路17:监房有鬼 (2002)
as Mao Tomorrow
화장실, 어디에요? (2002)
as Sam
一碌蔗 (2002)
as Fan's Father
ピンポン (2002)
as Kong Wenge / China
奪魄勾魂 (2002)
as Lee Kin Min
变脸迷情 (2002)
as Dicky
非常凶姐 (2002)
as Ken Ma
無問題2 (2002)
as Daniel
怪獸學園 (2002)
as Ken / May
Ye long (2002)
2002 (2001)
一个烂赌的传说 (2001)
as Chung
恐怖熱線之大頭怪嬰 (2001)
as Sam
Final Romance (2001)
The Making of 'Youling renjian - Visible Secret' (2001)
幽靈人間 (2001)
as Simon
Fing's Raver (2001)
生化特警之丧尸任务 (2000)
as Brother Cheap
神偷次世代 (2000)
as Sam
特警新人類2 (2000)
as Alien
手機凶靈 (2000)
as Pui Lau
愛與誠 (2000)
as Keith
生死拳速 (2000)
細路祥 (1999)
as Autumn Moon
周末狂熱 (1999)
as Gordon Kam
四人幫之錢唔夠洗 (1999)
as Wong Wing-Man
Sin bu sin yao ni (1999)
as Joe
上帝之手 (1999)
as Fei Ying
中華英雄 (1999)
as Fire (Red Hair ninja)
Gen-X Cops (1999)
as Alien
黑道風雲之收數王 (1999)
as Pa Fong
San giu cheung yee sang (1999)
天旋地戀 (1999)
as Sam
半支煙 (1999)
as Nine Dragons in '70
失業皇帝 (1999)
as Brother Iron
去年煙花特別多 (1998)
as Ga Suen
新古惑仔之少年激鬥篇 (1998)
as Chicken
龍在江湖 (1998)
as Skinny
生化寿尸 (1998)
as Crazy Bee (as Chan Sum Lee)
追凶20年 (1998)
Yeshou xingjing (1998)
香港製造 (1997)
as To Chung-Chau
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