Ferdinand Gottschalk

Place of birth:
London, England, U.K.:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ferdinand Gottschalk (28 February 1858 – 10 November 1944) was an English theatre and film actor. He appeared in 76 films between 1917 and 1938. He was born and died in London, England. He made his first appearance on the stage in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1887 and worked continuously after that date including prominent parts on the New York stage as well as in films. He also wrote and produced plays.


The Big Parade of Comedy (1964)
Josette (1938)
as Papa Le Blanc
The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938)
as Persian Ambassador
I'll Take Romance (1937)
as Monsieur Ginard
Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937)
as Chief Councilor
Carnival in Paris (1937)
as Museum Director
The Crime Nobody Saw (1937)
as John Atherton
That Girl From Paris (1936)
as Nikki's Uncle (uncredited)
Along Came Love (1936)
as Mr. Vincent
White Legion (1936)
as Dr. Fontaine
Bunker Bean (1936)
as Dr. Meyerhauser
I Dream Too Much (1935)
as Snobbish Critic (uncredited)
The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (1935)
as Office Man
3 Kids and a Queen (1935)
as Dr. Flesig
The Gay Deception (1935)
as Mr. Squires
Red Salute (1935)
as League Speaker
Here Comes the Band (1935)
as Armand de Valerie
Break of Hearts (1935)
as Enrico Pazzini
L'homme des Folies Bergère (1935)
as Perichot
Vagabond Lady (1935)
as Mr. 'Higgy' Higginbotham
Les Misérables (1935)
as Thenardier
Folies Bergère de Paris (1935)
as Perishot
Clive of India (1935)
as Old Member
Sing Sing Nights (1934)
as Prof. Varney
Secret of the Chateau (1934)
as Chief Inspector Marotte
I Am a Thief (1934)
as M. Alexander Cassiet
I Sell Anything (1934)
as Barouche
Madame Du Barry (1934)
as Lebel
Cleopatra (1934)
as Glabrio (scenes deleted)
King Kelly of the U.S.A. (1934)
as King Maxmilian of Belgardia
One Exciting Adventure (1934)
as Jeweler
The Notorious Sophie Lang (1934)
as Augustus Telfen
Hollywood Party (1934)
as Scientific Pedant (uncredited)
Stingaree (1934)
as Party Guest (uncredited)
The Witching Hour (1934)
as Dr. von Strohn
Upperworld (1934)
as Marcus
Gambling Lady (1934)
as Cornelius - Lawyer
Nana (1934)
as Finot
Long Lost Father (1934)
as Mr. Stewart, the Lawyer
Bombay Mail (1934)
as Governor Sir Anthony Daniels
Dancing Lady (1933)
as Judge (uncredited)
Female (1933)
as Pettigrew
Berkeley Square (1933)
as Mr. Throstle
Midnight Club (1933)
as George Rubens
She Had to Say Yes (1933)
as Sol Glass
Horse Play (1933)
as Oswald
Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933)
as Clubman (uncredited)
Ex-Lady (1933)
as Mr. Herbert Smith
The Warrior's Husband (1933)
as Sapiens Sr.
The Keyhole (1933)
as Brooks' Lawyer
Girl Missing (1933)
as Alvin Bradford
Parole Girl (1933)
as Taylor
Grand Slam (1933)
as Cedric Van Dorn
The Sign of the Cross (1932)
as Glabrio
Grand Hotel (1932)
as Pimenov
Tonight or Never (1931)
as Rudig
Zaza (1923)
as Duke de Brissac
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)
as Old Man at Table in Music Hall (uncredited)

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